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  1. Just got an Email stating that Gander Mountain has filed bankruptcy and is closing up shop. They are being acquired by Camping World. Out to be a chance to get some good deals! Confirmed on Gander Mountains website. http://www.gandermountain.com/?cID=YM
  2. Ever Heard of a Bump Stock?

    A friend of mine bought one of these for his grandson to put on his AR. I had a chance to fire it a few times. This is my impression. It is as "controllable" as most automatic fire can be when shot offhand with some practice and when fired in short burst. It is really not practical as you need to hold it in a certain way for it to work correctly. If you really need automatic fire, it is usually when an optimal shooting stance is a good way to get yourself killed. IMHO, this is just a gimmick that appeals to people that have never fired an automatic weapon before.
  3. Ever Heard of a Bump Stock?

    Except when it's fired in your direction!
  4. 7mm08

    As luck would have it, I loaded up a bunch of 7mm-08 ammo to test at the deer camp this week. Everything from 140gr spire points to 175gr round nose. If I remember to take pics, I'll post here later.
  5. Texas Early Voting Has Started

    One voter One ballot One pen One vote It has been proven that this is the only way to have a fair election.
  6. Also, remember the .303 is a rimmed cartridge so it headspaces on the rim not the shoulder......or so I thought! Check out this really informative discussion on the .303 headspacing and reloading. http://parallaxscurioandrelicfirearmsforums.yuku.com/topic/3361/t/Headspace-101-for-303-s.html#.V8L89tQrI1J Ya' learn something new everyday!
  7. Looking for an old timey metal Jerry Can with mount

    CK, Sportmansguide usually has a good selection. You might catch them on sale this time of year if you are not in a rush. http://www.sportsmansguide.com/productlist?k=jerry+can Tractor Supply has a metal jerry can for $50 and a plastic look alike for half that: http://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/search/gas%20can#facet:&productBeginIndex:40&orderBy:&pageView:grid&minPrice:&maxPrice:&pageSize:20& Lockable bracket for a 5 Gal jerry can on Amazon for $35 https://www.amazon.com/Smittybilt-2798-Jerry-Gas-Holder/dp/B008CLNYPC Good luck!
  8. New Facemasks

    Here's the mask I use when I sneak out to Hooter's to watch the game:
  9. Under Armor Mistake????

    Yup, I believe Clint congratulated the nation for raising the first generation of (a group of cats). I believe he is 100% correct. Most kids don't really have to work at much of anything nowadays, the schools are hotbeds of PC, parents are coddling lest they be arrested for child abuse and have the State take their kids, it's "fairness" and "tolerance" for all unless you are a 1%'er then you're exempt from everything as a matter of privilege. Lord, help us swing the social pendulum back around quickly! I try to do my part with some more traditional deer hunting. I stalk hunt during bow season with a recurve and instinct shooting. I either hunt barefoot or with some old sandals (this will FORCE you to move very slowly). Of course, if I had to survive off the animals I have taken this way, I would have starved long, long, time ago! Hmmmmm, I just thought of a way to accelerate the effects of the Paleo-Diet!
  10. New Hunting Technique Discovered

    My Uncle chopped up a snake this way.........with the same odorous results. Must have been hunting the mice.
  11. In Search of some replacement firearms........

    +1 on the Heritage .22 pistol. Buddy has one and really (ab)uses it! Trust me, it gets no love but like a Timex, it takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'. Also comes w/ an additional 22 Mag cylinder in at least one variation.
  12. Birthday Gift from my Wife and Son

    I am glad to see that Ruger hasn't changes these since I got my back in 1990. My only wish is that they had spent a little more time polishing the triggers, but then again, I only had my buddy's LEO Dad's custom Colt Python to compare it to. Still, I often feel like I should use my GP100 as a variety of tools like a hammer or pry bar just to see if I could break it! It's a great gun....you'll love it!
  13. New Facemasks

    To paraphrase Ron White, "You can't fix stupid".... but maybe with these masks we can fix ugly?
  14. Old .303 British Enfield Question

    Just got an email on this: PPU .303 British 150 gr SP $14.50/box. Cheapest I've seen for reloadable brass cartridges in this caliber. http://www.aimsurplus.com/product.aspx?item=AP303SP150&name=Prvi+Partizan+PPU+.303+Brit+150gn+SP+20rd&groupid=7770&fprdct=1
  15. 83 Year-Old Sister Scammed Yesterday

    I had an Uncle that was an attorney......and yes, he fit nearly every stereotype one could think of about attorneys. While he is long passed, I can only imagine how he would react to this situation. I can imagine he would likely make a call first to see if there was a way out of it by discussing the issue with the company. If not, I'm sure he would "cry Havoc and let loose the dogs of war!" I'm sure he would make a very close inspection of his property and find some damage that the pest tech had done and get one of his contractor clients to write him up an estimate that was just below the limit for small claims court, which if I recall correctly is $2500, then make sure the judge knew all about the company's practice of ripping off the elderly. Most judges tend to be a little more mature, right? If the company even went to court, I'm sure the result of the hearing would be favorable to the homeowner. Depending on his mood, my Uncle just might make it difficult for said company by embarking on a negative media campaign, which now on social media, is quite easy. Seeing as how he had friends in TV and radio, I'm sure he would pursue that angle as well. He might even get a group of folks to post bills around town. Ya never knew what limits he would go to but I can tell you, if it was something really serious, he knew folks that could make magic happen....for a fee of course. With him, I think sometimes it wasn't so much the cost of the satisfaction, as it was knowing that the "criminal" would never be able to commit that crime again. The one thing I know for sure, if he was in his 80's and had this happen to him, there is no way in Heck he would pay that bill......ever!