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  1. Time to Replenish My 7mm-08

    Bob, Big Game,RL-17, or H4350 in the 7-08. 140's close to 2900 and 120's close to 3,100. You know the drill!
  2. Another version of Lee Greenwoods song

    I saw this a few weeks ago.... Chilling stuff...
  3. Desert Foxes

    Good shooting Gary - Send some rain this way...
  4. Javelina with a handgun

  5. Javelina with a handgun

    That's not my gut I promise. That's my shirt! I am a lean mean hiking machine at 195 pounds.. .grin...
  6. Ya'll have fun this year - I'm two states away and it will be bee season -
  7. Got a Little Range Time

    Our carry pistols Bob are about identical - Cold or hunting it's a Kahr CW-40 on my hip. When it's hot, an LCP somewhere!
  8. Arizona has a javelina HAM season that you can only use Handguns, Archery equipment, or Muzzleloaders. I shot this girl on opening morning at about 15 yards with a old N-frame S&W .357 revolver that shoots like a dream given to me by an old childhood friend that was taken by cancer. He gave this revolver to me two weeks before he died. She is now chorizo - Sorry for a bit of the gut. I didn't know it was showing during photo time. She was quartering to a bit and the exit was right in her middle -
  9. Loading 22-250

    Big Game for me -
  10. I thought that was the contest my brother had most coyotes in - Good job on winning the big cat!
  11. World class coues deer down

    Thanks guys - Already getting excited for next year-
  12. World class coues deer down

    Hey guys - We are just now posting pictures of this deer and wanted to share - My buddy and I do still hunt even though during the fall we are crazy busy guiding together. We had picked up leftover coues deer tags for a unit we had hunted previously. I had scouted it intensively and had found good deer but not this guy. The hunt was 10 days in length and I was solo for the first 4 days. I had passed up some really good deer but at this stage of hunting I am only after trophy quality animals. On the evening of day 4 my buddy showed up and we hunkered down inside the wall tent out of the cold rain and had decided to go back on the 5th day morning to a spot where I had been consistently been passing up a 98"-102" holding out for something a tad bigger. I wanted a 2nd opinion on the deer as judging 4" on these deer is tough in order to make that magical 100" mark. We always like to get a second opinion with each other if possible. So we go back to try to locate this deer and my buddy glasses this deer up pretty early (on his side of the hill!). We knew the deer was a good one but didn't know exactly what we had. So my buddy gets set up prone and makes a great shot on this deer at 450'ish yards as the deer was moving through some small openings. I heard the whap and the deer reacted to the shot through my 15's which was a good sign. The deer ran a few yards behind a bush and didn't come out. We made our way down there after we gathered our things and immediately knew we had something very special on our hands. At this point we both kind of lost it. It is one of those moments that you'll never forget in the field walking up to this guy. This coues deer officially scores 130 7/8" net and has 37" of mass. He carried his mass up his tines which is lost in the score. The deer had mass measurements in his tines close to 4". It truly is a deer of 10 lifetimes. Of course, I give my buddy a hard time about killing him in the spot I scouted and had a feeling about a big deer living in there and he just shows up. (All in good fun of course). The amount of time we spend in the field paid off big time. Hope you enjoy the pictures and if you want to come out for a coues hunt, give me a ring - For context, the right hand holds a 174" mule deer and the left hand holds this coues deer. This photo better captures the scale of this deer.
  13. Added a New 22-250

    That will work Bob -
  14. Added a New 22-250

    Bob, What is the twist in those Savage's these days?