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  1. Thanks, again. One last question. I would really like to keep it at 18" max (16-18" barrel). You mentioned 20". Can 18 or maybe even 16 be done? I don't fully grasp how barrel length relates to back pressure, etc.
  2. I will reload for it, but want decent factory loads available. I will only shoot it 300 yards max. With the suppressor, I know it will add a lot of back pressure. Would the 260 have too much? how about the 6.5CM? Is brass readily available for each? Questions, questions,,,questions.
  3. Thanks for the offer Brandon (It is Brandon, right, LOL) but I will eventually put a suppressor on this rifle. 24" + an 8-9" can would be like toting around a telephone pole, LOL. I guess I forgot to mention that in the initial post. I do want to eventually put a suppressor on this rifle. Does that change any of your recommendations?
  4. That is the exact ones I was looking at. A friend has one and "claims" that the chamber or headspace is too tight. I'm still trying to get clarification.
  5. Also, what happened to the "Freedom Forum"
  6. I've been away for a while, so I'm sure I missed quite a bit. Anyways.. I bought a 308 AR from a guy. It was a decent price and I liked the features. Unfortunately, the barrel he put on it stinks. 2-2.5" groups (I've tried 6 different types of ammo in it, from 145 gr up to 180 gr). I will ultimately reload for this rifle, but I wanted to see what factory ammo would do...and couldn't get any of them to cooperate. The barrel is made by Anderson. 18" 1:10 twist. He shot it and it did the same for him. He agreed to re-barrel it. 50/50 at his cost. I have been looking at the Rainer Arms 18" polygonal SS barrel in 1:11 twist. It is made by Black Hole Weaponry. I started looking and then decided to look into the .260 caliber. Ultimately, I want a good, flat shooter that will run lighter bullets (120- 150 gr). Just like anything on the interwebs, the more you research, the more a guy can find good AND bad reviews. That being said. I have a chance to get a brand new barrel and 50% of dealers cost. I would like to stick around $300-$350 price range. I know I could go get a Krieger for $600+ dollars, but that is not my goal. I want to make an MOA "decent" shooter at a reasonable price that will be a hunting rifle, not a "paper puncher" .243? .260? 7mm-08? 308 with a 1:11 or 1:12? What would y'all recommend? I need it to work with my current upper and BCG. I might have to add an adjustable gas block. I read on one forum that the .260 might have a little too much pressure for a gas operated rifle, but haven't substantiated that yet. Thanks for any help. Stephen
  7. Chorizo Sausage Recipe

    I've made chorizo in the past and was never fully satisfied with it. I tried one recipe that used cider vinegar also. I'll give this one a try. Thanks!
  8. Who makes the best?

    any updates on your testing? I can't believe I am going to do this, but I am seriously planning a suppressed 16" 300 AAC build. I remember when I thought $400 was too much for a rifle, LOL!
  9. Who makes the best?

    any updates on this?
  10. Stock for AR build

    I have heard that Magpul MOE stocks are very good. I have not used them, YET, personally, but on my next AAC I will be getting it.
  11. Gonna try a "different" AR chambering!!

    any updates?
  12. Laser Genetics ND3 comparison

    Well, if anyone cares... My brother owns the VRL light and on Friday we went calling. Comparing the two, my TLR throws a slightly larger "halo", but mine comes with a tube that screws on, that is supposed to reduce that (if you so wish). I have not tried the tube yet. My brother's VRL throws a "tighter" beam, but it is still pretty wide @ 100 yards (enough to scan with). "brightness" wise, my TLR is slightly brighter. I'd say I can ID something at 25-50 more yards... Both look like good lights and either ones will work for yote and hog hunting.
  13. Oh, I agree that they make some weird noises. I just found it strange how this one yote was making this sound, and was moving all around the place. I tried a rodent distress, invitation and a challenge and nothing drew them in, but nothing chased them off either.
  14. Any of you yote whispers ever hear these sounds?
  15. Green or red light ?

    I'm sure it's posted in here somewhere, but I can't find it. I think I read some where that people "scan" with a red light and shoot with a green light? Somewhere I read that yotes might be scared of a green light, but not a red? Does anyone both scan and shoot with a green light? I'm just worried about it being too bright. I am referring to the latest high intensity LED "Laser" lights..