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  1. WOW! Looks like you got it down to me!
  2. Bought this RSM in 416 Rigby to use as a donor action for a 500 A Square. I will just have to find a different donor. Top left are 325 gr Barnes Xs. Bottom center are 350 gr Speers. At 125 yrds 325s GROUP #1 1) 2876 2) 2882 3) 2874 Fps 350s GROUP #2 1) 2641 2) 2622 3) 2636 Fps
  3. This is my story.

    Your should have used your cell phone. By the way, you could have had better reception standing on his head!!!
  4. Finally

    On state land the Gov. boys helo shoot em. On Abor. land you can cull shot em. First time I saw a safari for sale you could not ship enough ammo. Assies limit to pounds of shells brought in country. Got by the ammo limits by reloading at night. Think seven day shoot and 100 buffs down! Now some one wants the meat so it is limited to how many they can process a day. Never seen a camel shot listed. Not sure if they want the meat off bush bulls, donkeys or horses either. Think a 150 rounds of 458 Lott in seven days. Head ache!!! Funny seeing someone with rifle and a wild brahma bull!
  5. Finally

    Even after several rounds the Rigby is not as bad on the shoulder as the 458 Lott. When I shoot the Lott off the bench I wear a football mouth piece. No need with the 416! The Ruger Alaskan in 375 is a whole lot lighter rifle, The heavier RSM in 416 Rigby with a 400 gr is just a little stouter than the 375, the 350 gr is about the same. I probably wont be going back to Africa. So shooting pigs with a "African" caliber is as close as I will get! Trust me, if I can ever afford a big bore double I will shoot pigs with it! A 500 bolt gun is on the horizon!!
  6. Finally

    Bought me a new pig rifle, scoped it, trigger job, and worked up a load. You know me, Iike to use enough rifle! Originally started out to be converted to 500 A Square, Too nice to be a donor rifle so for now I am leaving it as a 416 Rigby. I am thinking for the results that the 400 gr. Nosler Partitions are a bit tough for little pigs! Hornady does not list the 416 Interlock any more and Sierra does not make a 416. So next up will be the 350 gr Speers. This guy came in Friday night moments before the feeder was to go off. When he stopped his head was in front of one feeder leg and shoulder behind another. Feeder slinging corn would have sent him running but I wanted to anchor one so I went for the hips. This is the only picture that really shows the rifle well. Ruger Safari Magnum, nice wood! I'll find a cheap long action donor for a 500 Acc Rel!
  7. Have you even seen a skunk spray?

    Saw the "tail grab" tried several times one night coon hunting. They spray just fine up in the air! Guy's Wife made him sleep on the porch for a week. No it was not me! One, one, one and one. One box of baking soda, one bottle of hydrogen peroxide 3%, a good squirt of dish detergent in one gallon of water. Used it on dogs a bunch.
  8. Had a coon getting to the feeder down by the creek. Set the Daggers last night and took the dog to check them this morning. Dispatched the coon and worked till I was soaking wet from sweat. Got home and put the dog in the back yard. Little while later he was barking and carrying on. He has killed 4 or 5 in the yard this year so far and one gopher! Great dog!! He had one bayed just out side the fence, mind you this is 10:30 AM! Got my 410 to help him out. He would charge the skunk, skunk would charge back. Not once but twice the skunk more slung a stream rather than sprayed mist. He killed one in the corner by my shop and it left a stream pattern on my truck. So, do they spray or is it more of a coarse stream that's slung?
  9. Back to open carry. Concealed carry should not require a permit but open carry should. Why: more LEOs are kill with their own firearm. Weapon retention is a big part of their training. If you conceal right few people will know you have one so not likely for someone to try and take. Open carry is a different matter. Learn weapon retention to get a permit then open carry. If you decide to open carry, this knowledge is for your protection. I am for all carry one takes more skill than the other!
  10. New traps

    Get you some 5/8" rebar and cut to 18" lengths, unless you have deep soft sand, then 24". Get some nuts just big enough to go over the rebar and weld em on. Grind the other end to a point. Drive em through the swivel. To remove, grab the nut with a pair of Vice Grips and twist a few times, it will come right out of even the tightest soil. I dont like setting mine where can get any leverage. My coons dont like marsh mellows, corn under a feeder or the rankest sardines you can find. Put a little ant poison under the trap to keep the fire ants off. Good trapping!
  11. Match Grade .22lr Factory Rifle

    What kind of sights? Three position gallary open sights: Anschultz. Scope, CZ 453 varmiter. The CZ groups a well as the two Anschultz my oldest used in 4H.
  12. Unwelcome Welcome on another forum

    Strangely enough some the most pro firearm people hate hunting and vise versa. We think they go together but I have met several big time hunters that do not believe in the Second Amendment at all!
  13. Buying firearms online

    I did not think I wanted one from an individual bad enough to try! Yall just convinced me I was right. I did buy one online from a dealer/store. Other than an ice delay it turned out good. The firearm was better than expected!
  14. Buying firearms online

    Money changing hands is my interest. I wondered about Paypal or such with some coverage if the owner takes your money and runs! Seen some interesting stuff but have not tried it yet. I knew about the shipping stuff, hoped someone had a fool proof money thing!
  15. Buying firearms online

    A lot of stores are turning to the internet to move stagent items from their shop. Used is used whether it is online or brick and mortor most stores are up and up. I am interested in an individual. Is there a tried, safe and secure way to buy from an individual who posted online? I am just not real sure about "from my FFL to yours"!