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    I love all types of hunting and shooting. My 2 favorite things to do are predator hunting and shoot sporting clays.

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  1. Need some 20 Gauge HIGH BRASS Empties

    I will see if I can round up another couple dozen for her. I was gonna say "dang she already used all the first ones I sent?" But I forgot about the fire. I will get some round up. PM me your address again please
  2. The Blonde and the Puzzle

    Awesome! Definitely gonna have to share that one with my wife...who is quite the blonde!
  3. Good shootin as always Bobby! I gotta second those noslers too. I shoot silver tips in whatever i can. Its made some bad days for lots of game and critters for me. Almost always DRT!
  4. Happy Birthday SHOOTER!

    Happy Birthday buddy!
  5. Fun couple days at the lease

    Looks like you've had a heck of season Bennie!!
  6. Little man doubled up!!!

    Awesome! There's nothing better than that!
  7. Good taxidermy?

    Capt John here on the Posse did one of the best looking grey fox mounts ive ever seen. You can look a few pages back and find it im sure.
  8. Alamo Feed Store Predator Pachanga February 4th and 5th $200 entry 100% payout, pays 1st 2nd and 3rd place 1-4 man teams Hunters must obey and follow all state laws Must hunt the same caller (No splitting up) No pooling of animals No frozen trapped or roadkill animals Points System Bobcats-20 Coyotes-15 Foxes-5 Coons-1 limited to 10 All teams will be entered in the heaviest side pots also. Contest starts Saturday February 4th at noon on your property (honor system). Must be in the parking lot by noon Sunday the 5th or you will not be able to weigh in. Alamo Feed Store 100 County Road 770 Natalia Tx 78059 There will also be prizes from sponsors. I will update the post on the prizes. Any Questions call Mike Schott at 210-827-1944 No calls after 9:00 pm please
  9. Prayers for those who can not be home

    Amen I have a few buddies in that boat.
  10. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!!
  11. Back in the Saddle

    Nice crack shot! They usually don't run to far when you hit em there! Lol
  12. These contests require you to have/provide your own land to hunt on. They are usually open to anyone and can hunt anywhere but you must have access to your own property.
  13. Best of Six

    No gary I haven't seen it yet....I've been working in Houston and my TV channels are kinda limited at the hotel I'm staying in. I'll catch it at home on dvr when I get a chance.
  14. Range Time with Ruger GP100 .357

    If I still lived at the old house I'd say bring her over and shoot away....haven't set up a range at the new property yet though. I have a six inch gp100 also....one of my favorites to shoot!!
  15. Youth Shotgun

    I shoot sporting clays quite a bit and about 3 years ago I got my wife interested in it.....now shes hooked and shoots with me regularly. I bought her a yildiz 20ga o/u to start with eventually planning on buying her a better gun if she kept interest. It's been such a good gun that I haven't had too. Last year i had to send it to Briley to get a firing pin replced under warranty (Briley does there warranty work) but other than that it's been flawless. We shoot quite a bit and it probably has over 5,000 rds through it already. I had Briley port the barrels and put a kick ezz on it for her also. For $500 its a bargain gun imho.