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  1. 28th Posse Hog Hunt!

    I had been looking out for a notice of another TPP hog event to join, but had went ahead and made other plans for hunting before the date of your OP, on the 12th. It just so happens that I will be in TX late this weekend and all next week. If I get near Hondo or Devine, I will give you or Doug a call. 2-click
  2. Scorpion "Miss"

    Bobcat, are you doing OK in the aftermath?
  3. Another rattlesnake

    Between your snake issues and Bobcats' scorpion encounters, living up here in frostbite country suddenly doesn't seem all that bad. 2-click
  4. My shotgun and rifles.

    Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to buy a Posse-logo lower AR receiver and build yourself a real shooter!
  5. 1st Weekend Using Bullet HD Caller

    Looks like a pretty good testimony as to how well the Bullet HP can work.
  6. Windows 10-Are You?????

    Bobcat, since you are the one who warned me about the spokeo.com website, I'd like to return the favor by telling you something that maybe you already know. Windows 10 has a 'capture' mechanism much like a keystroke program. This one not only records your keystrokes, but anything you write (such as with a stylus on a smartphone. No seditious comments! Big Brother is always watching... 2-click
  7. Probably wouldn't happen in West Texas...

    Double Naught, that is the general consensus from the folks who have commented on the story. A 9MM is sufficient enough to penetrate the shell, but is also capable of a crazy ricochet when you miss and hit the rocks. 2-click
  8. Not a Skunk This Time

    Diatomaceous earth has worked for me for making garter snakes want to leave the area. That, and bleach. The snakes don't like either of them.
  9. Probably wouldn't happen in West Texas...

    ...but did happen in East Texas. Poor guy, at least they have with held his name up to this point... https://ca.news.yahoo.com/texas-man-shoots-armadillo-gets-hit-face-bullet-214656503.html
  10. "... by Chris Carter, a Scott County, Iowa, sheriff’s deputy..." Ironic! I live in Scott County and know some of the Deputies, but not Mr. Carter. The documents relating to the outcome of Deputy Carter's suit were filed on May 15th, yet there has been no local coverage of the settlement. This is the typical firearm coverage from our local rags. Originally, the newspaper portrayed it as if the deputy discharged his weapon while in foot pursuit. The round hit inside of the squad car, so that didn't add up as an intentional discharge towards the running perp. I bet the bad guy had a second thought or two when he heard it go off, though. The Iowa Highway Patrol's investigation cleared the deputy of any wrong doing. Which they should have, seeing as it was a manufacturing defect. I am sure he will never forget the initial portrayal of him, by the paper, as being a trigger happy cop. Bandit
  11. San Francisco bans hollow point bullets as a safety measure!

    I wonder if this ban will apply to all of the hollow point bullets recently purchased by our Government? Franciscans can feel much, much safer now. They will need to first post a sign on the Golden Gate, though. "No Hollow Points Allowed". That will surely create a dramatic decrease in the danger they face. 2-click
  12. 24 hours w/ Bobcat & Flip Flop (Capt. Ryan Longer)

    I am greenish-blue with envy. Congratulations on dropping that buck, Mike! 2-click
  13. Ongoing hunting buggy build

    It can't be considered finished until the Posse logo is on...just sayin

    Better views of the rifle only, for those with attention deficit problems http://texaspredatorposse.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=26935&do=findComment&comment=188451
  15. Jade Helm 15

    It concerns me a little bit, for some of the residents of Bastrop, that they chose that city for one of their scenarios. I don't know if those 'sovereign' boys acted rightly or wrongly, but that needs to be determined by a due process. I hope I am allowed to say that! 2-click