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  1. Trip to the Rondy adventure

    Use ta live in Lovington for years. I know lotsa BLM to hunt right outside of Lovington headed twards Maljamar.
  2. Anybody near Lubbock?

    Well dern my luck! That weekend i'll be in Houston.... Sorry cain't make that 1. Maybe next time tross.. TTYL pardner
  3. All Around Predator Decoy

    Sounds like it's gunna be a good N
  4. West Texas Coyotes

    Yup. I'm hopin so.. I was chattin with Clint earlier today and gunna talk on the phone with em tonight bout comin over tmorrow morn for the gun show. Have ya figures a time sat morn? Yea we need to see if he has a place we can test run the mojo and bust up some yotes
  5. West Texas Coyotes

    Hey Tim.. What's up bro? Just ordered the .243. Should be here bou 10 days
  6. West Texas Coyotes

    Sounds like a plan.. Talk to ya later on friend. Have a good friday.
  7. Serious predator caller --- only in Texas

    You is a crazy 1 SHOOTER .....LOL.... But a good
  8. West Texas Coyotes

    howdy vmaster.. Me N TRIGGER HAPPY are gunna hit the gun show saturday in Midland ifin your interested in joinin us.. Just lemme know and we can git tgether..
  9. Can you beleive this???

    Ifin they wore T-shirts to identify themselves, I hope they put a target on the front
  10. Sorry ta hear ya ain't gunna be at the rondy, but look forward ta gettin tgether osmetime fer java and Pmaggots..

  11. Howdy WTXhunter. need ta see bot gettin together sometime with me N TRIGGERHAPPY, he lives in Odessa. Have a good week.

  12. Anybody near Lubbock?

    Well them pasture maggots are dang sure fun and awsome target practice...
  13. Bobcat check you PMs

    Hope yer feelin better Bobcat N be careful on yur trip partner
  14. Anybody near Lubbock?

    Cool!! Sounds good tross... Might evn bring a buddy from Odessa. How's this for and Idea... Call up and pop some yotes while we're there would be fan freakintastic ya'll... Just lemme know when and where a couple days ahead of time so I can arrange to be there. Till then..... TTYL