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  1. National Cancer Survivors Day, June 1st

    Pray for a cure. Get checked and make sure your loved ones get checked on a regular basis. A former girlfriend that I have remained very close with for the past 50 years passed this morning due to cancer. I have had several types of skin cancer myself and have to get checked every 6 months.
  2. Hahahaha.....good one OP. My buddies son, 4 years old I think, is convinced I'm Santa Claus. The gals at the convenience store call me Moses.
  3. Hey, it's field testing, right? What made this hunt extra special was my unofficially adopted son accompanied me. Shortly after arriving at our hunt area we had 3 HOT gobblers anxious to meet the new hen. I shot the first bird that gave me a clear shot. He already had a hen with him, but being greedy cost him. My buddy usually only shoots with a camera, but after seeing those birds respond he is fired up about turkey hunting. Next year we hope to fill 2 tags.
  4. Sons first turkey

    Very nice bird! Well done.
  5. Proud of my daughters first turkey....

    That's a great photo. Congratulations to both of you.
  6. Some of mine

    Great hogs. I especially like the variety of rifles used.
  7. Stack'n 'em like cord wood! WTG!!!!!
  8. I'm in.... [/ URL] Two limits (buddy& mine) all bull sprig
  9. One More Coyote

    Got him in the middle of a poker game? It's okay, it doesn't look like he was going to have a very good hand....err paw after all.
  10. I'm a dad.

    Congratulations! She's a pretty baby girl.
  11. Nice going! It sounds like a great time was had by all.
  12. Premium Cocobolo with Celtic band. Sanded, sealed, finished, waxed and polished inside and out. $60 to anywhere in the US. I'll pay the postage.
  13. Some Calls

    Folks, you may have missed out and missed out BIGTIME!!!! Krusty's calls are incredible in every way. I don't remember who said it, but I do remember Krusty's calls being called "raspy as a jackrabbit being dragged down a gravel road". Do you have call shy animals in your areas? They've never heard anything like these calls. You'll never find a handmade call with better workmanship than these calls.
  14. Good day at the knife sale

    Excellent score! I have or at least had a weakness for knives. I had to sell most of my knives when my wife got sick. Some folks got great deals.