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  1. Can you say "shock and awe?"

    Great balls of fire that was awesome.<><
  2. Resurrected Blades

    Thanks I gotta take a day and just look what else I have missed on the great wide web.<><
  3. Resurrected Blades

    WOW just found you guy angin. Lost all kninds of cool sites when I gota new computer.<><
  4. Resurrected Blades

    Been making what i can resrrected blades for a couple of years now. They are made from all Resurrected steels, like Rasps and Files and very large sawmill blades steel and plow shares and leaf springs.I heat treat and temper all my steel. This is a hobby I love and yes truth be known a sickness. Here are some of my Blades incase anyone one is interested in them and what they are.<><
  5. Skining Knife

    Wow what a awesome knife..LOL. kidding yes I made that knife. made from a Resurrected farriers rasp.The handles are osage . this is a Mini skinner. Most all my knives are made from Resurrected steel very large sawmill blades, mill files and farriers rasps. I heat treat and temper all my blade . I make Big and tiny knives and everything in the middle. Just found this site and looks great.<><