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  1. Well, I am going to go ahead and put the noose around my neck. As for as Starbucks, shooters did it to themselves and I cannot say I blame the owner. As I understand it he tried to be neutral in the gun wars by saying that Starbucks was going to follow the state law. At this point he did not give into the anti-gunners who wanted him to ban guns. But when gun owners began branding the company as being pro-gun, when they started showing up with AR's and AK's instead of holstered handguns, when he started hearing from his regular customers instead of just the vocal anti crowd, he had to do something and he did. We lost the right because shooters tried to poke the people who do not like guns in the eye. Now I would not pay any attention to a holstered pistol, but if my family is eating in a nice restaurant and people walk in with long guns, screw the meal, we are leaving. Open carry has become "the hill to die on" but in making that decision we need to recognize that we are a minority of a minority and move very slowly until the average soccer mom gets use to it, or we will see more business close the doors. I have been fighting for the 2nd Amendment for over 40 years, and now find myself branded as an anti-gunner for taking the above stand. I am not anti OC, I am not anti AR. I am anti-stupid.
  2. Kidney Disease

    Have not been around much to visit. Three years ago the Doctor told me that my Kidneys were failing. Two years ago he told me I needed to be on Dialysis. I told him no way. By doing so, I have so completely poisoned my whole system, that it has created a host of problems, both physical and mental. Even though I waited so long, based on my wife's wishes I began the dialysis process and am in my 2nd week of home based dialysis. Right now I am pretty much home bound and improvement is slow in come. The anemia is still really bad. Guys I am not whining my point is if you get Kidney disease and it is on the rise due to the rise in diabetes and high blood pressure listen to your doctor and get on dialysis early. You cannot beat it. Your options are transplant (I am too Obese), dialysis or death. Many people live long productive lives with CKD but you need to get treatment early and not make the mistake I did and think you can out run it. Hope all have a great hunting season. OC

    well good. I was afraid that he was on the run from an angry husband. Best to you. OC
  4. Bobcat Photo

    great pictures.
  5. Bob, Thanks for posting all the photos. Looks like a great time was had and I missed being there. As an Arkansas Brigade member, I only hope that Old Blood conducted himself in a proper manner. I have noted in the past that he seems to exert a negative influence on others, in particular, Shooter. But we all accept the way he is because we love Ms. Judy so. Thanks again. OC
  6. I am not sure how one teaches someone to shoot when there is no ammo because it has all been hoarded and is being price gouged out the wazoo. I have recently talked to three people who in the wake of the anti gun climate went to buy their first gun, only to back out on learning there was no ammo to be had for their new gun. I am afraid that we shooters are turning out to be our own worse enemy.
  7. 2.2.13 1st Handcalled Coyote

    Don't pay attention to these guys. They are just like drug pushers trying to get you hooked. Once you are hooked, you are hooked for life. But Shooter is right. You will always remember this one. OC
  8. Every time you post a photo of one of your Contenders I drool all over my keyboard. Good shooting my friend. .
  9. I am amazed at the number of gun owners who are falling for this crap. I am not an AR guy being more of a Fudd. But I will be darn if I will throw my AR loving friends under the bus. I think that many are like England prior to WWII, thinking if we just give Hitler/Obama what he wants, he will leave mine along. That is total nonsense. He wants them all. Like you eat an elephant, one bite at a time. I suspect that a lot of us are on the verge of being made criminals by our own government. So be it. OC
  10. As an aside, I see that Kay Bailey Hutchison has jumped on the "we gotta do some thing about those magazines that hold so many rounds" bandwagon. Sad. Now my senator Mark Pryor will just bend over and kiss Harry Reids butt, just where ever he wants it kissed. Ark's other senator just kind of floats around in space taking up good oxegen. Tough road ahead.
  11. Tragic School Shooting Today-27 Dead, 20 Are Kids

    As usual the local news weasels were all over TV interviewing local school officials and each school says "we have a plan in place." Well that plan consists 1st LOCKDOWN. To what degree that will help when the barbarians are alread inside the wall is unclear. Plan 2 School Resource officer. One officer spread over several schools and campuses may well not be in the right place at the right time. Not to mention that a well planned perp may make plans to take out the security officer first. That is what they consider their plan. Schools are soft targets because either no gun or at most one gun is all that stands between the shooter and the victims. I do not expect this to change, so we can prepare for these to be more common I am afraid.
  12. Tragic School Shooting Today-27 Dead, 20 Are Kids

    As sickening as it is to say, I fear that there are those in the White House and Congress who received this news with glee, seeing it not for the tragedy it is, but as further leverage in there war on guns.
  13. The best whitetail cal!!!

    No longer hunt, but when I did I had two favorites; a Marlin 45/70 and a Husquavarna 30/06. Since I sold the 45/70 to Joe to be his squirrel gun, I guess I decided the ONE I wanted to keep was the ought six. Not for the caliber, but just because I like that rifle so darn much.
  14. Pretty Good Morning

    Just think, OB, how much more trigger time he gets if he leaves Joe home in bed.
  15. Buzzard can't sign on to the Posse--needs help!

    This place without Buzzard is just not the same. It is kind of like a Rose without the thorns, or cold chile, or warm beer, or well it just ain't the same.