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  1. Hi all My nephew and I went up to Dalhart Sunday the 21st and we were very disappointed! Save your money / time go somewhere else. It appears that the drought has all but decimated the prairie dogs. We stayed five days. We were going to stay six but had enough and came home early. We were on our own the first two days as I knew of two towns. Then with a self-guided outfit that give a map of towns and a cabin. The towns I knew of had 500 to 600 each last time I was there. This time maybe 50 and they were really, really gun shy. We had nothing to shoot at under 300 yards, after 8 to 10 shots at the long distance ones they would all disappear and stay gone. I like to shoot long distance but the wind was also blown at 10 to 30 mph made it a real challenge. The map we received had ten towns nearby, that we visited and of the 10 three were completely dead the other seven were the same as the first two not much fun there. If you go up you may want to stay in Dalhart hotels were cheaper and clean. The cabin on the outfitter ranch was very run down and dirty, really it was filth! Sorry I wish I had better news! Good Hunting Joe