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  1. Belton Lake Tourney!!!

    Nice going@
  2. My first, and hopefully not last, auodad

    Very nice! Was it public or private land that you hunted?
  3. Joe's Arky Yoter Pocket Pal

    Was it carved from an antler? I have a very small call that he did for me that fits the description of "pocket pal" but I don't know if that is what it is called.
  4. Hearing protection while hunting??

    GonHuntin, I have a pair of Peltor Sport Tactical 100s that I find are fairly comfortable and don't really seem to get in the way when shooting a rifle. They go for about 60 bucks. Howard Leight makes some that go for about 40 and they are highly rated and also look to me to be a bit thinner so they might be even better for shooting a rifle or shotgun.
  5. Hearing protection while hunting??

    Old Pro, I'm by no means an expert on any of this stuff, but from what I understand, neither a suppressed bolt gun or a suppressed AR would be hearing safe with prolonged exposure. Prolonged exposure to anything over 90 decibels will cause gradual hearing loss. A suppressed AR produces in the neighborhood of 130 decibels. I can tell you from shooting my son's AR that it at least sounds a good bit louder than my bolt action .223. That could be because of the shorter barrel on the AR and the fact that the action opens and closes with each shot.
  6. Ammo Selection

    For what it's worth I never cease to be amazed by the toughness of Texas varmints. You might have just had a run of bad luck with exceptionally tough ones this week but I can tell you pretty much every cat I've seen shot with a rifle (22 Mag or.223) has managed to run at least a bit. It's generally been my experience that if I make a decent shot on a fox they either go down right away or at least are anchored enough for me to get a quick follow up in.
  7. Hearing protection while hunting??

    I have two cans in jail right now. One rimfire and one for all the center fire rifle calibers. Once I get them I don't plan on shooting unsuppressed if I can help it and I will continue to use foam earplugs. Wish I had gone that route years ago.
  8. Hearing protection while hunting??

    Whether it's practical or not, I always use hearing protection. And unless I'm shooting rimfire I usually double plug----electronic muffs and plugs. As Bobby noted above, it's no fun when your hearing starts to go, not to mention the tinnitus that sets in with hearing loss. I have moderate to severe loss in both ears. I attribute it to a lifetime of lawnmowers, chainsaws, swinging hammers, and unprotected shooting in my younger days so I want to protect what's left of my hearing. And to be honest, when it comes to predator calling and deer hunting at least, I don't think using hearing protection puts me at much of a disadvantage. And remember, even suppressed, ARs are not hearing safe. Sorry to preach, but as noted above hearing loss and tinnitus are no fun and hearing aids aren't cheap. So protect your ears!
  9. Spent last week calling at a ranch south of San Angelo. On my last day to hunt at about 3pm I set up in a very small bowl shaped opening surrounded by cedars. It was warm and sunny and my intention was to try to call up a grey fox to photograph. So I get all set up with my camera and my rifle (just in case something better came in) and start with some nutty nuthatch on the Foxpro. I'm still dialing up the volume on the remote when I look up and see a head pop out of the cedars about 35 yards away. All I can see is the head and it is partially obscured by some dead brush. I reach for the camera but then I decide it wouldn't be a good picture because I can only see the head so I'm just going to shoot the dang thing. Settle the cross hairs just below the head and squeeze. Hammers drops but no boom from the .223. My bolt had lifted up a bit so the gun didn't fire. The critter was still locked in on the feather I had hanging from a mesquite so I quietly settled the bolt back down and fired. I see the critter go down through the scope. I keep calling because at this point I thought I had killed a grey fox and wanted to see if I could call another one. Called for another ten minutes or so and then gathered up my stuff and walked over to the caller. I glance over toward what I thought was the fox and notice that I am not seeing any orange at all on the hide. Hmm... Walk a little closer and holy moly it's a cat! My first one! I've called two others in that my older son shot but that was at night and they took a long time to come in. I must have set up right on top of this one.
  10. Thanks, Bobcat. Don't have a Burnham Brothers caller but I will give the Pup Distress # 3 a try.
  11. Looking to call some Coyotes on ranch South of San Angelo in a couple of weeks. Was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for Coyote vocals. Had some luck back in November on this same ranch by starting out with coyote locator and then switching to distress sounds. Wondering if they are starting to breed now and if there are any sounds that might be especially productive or any that I should stay away from.
  12. He did it again!!! Double double!!

    Love that smile on his face. Good job both of you!