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  1. 2017 Posse AR-15 Lowers?

    I will take one. Need to replace the secondary AR lost last spring anyhow, and what better excuse! Cal
  2. Custom Predator call lanyard

    That is a slick lanyard, looks comfy too! Sounds like I just got talked into buying more Door Prize tickets......thanks Bob, lol Cal
  3. Hey guys, I am looking for some Empty 20 Gauge High Brass for the wife. She uses them to cap her call lanyards she makes. Since my 20 burned up in April I am running a 12 and no longer able to keep her in supply. Figure some of this crowd surely has a handful of empties laying around. Thanks, Cal
  4. Need some 20 Gauge HIGH BRASS Empties

    Bennie, I done forgot what you were needing welded....... Shoot me a PM with your number, and I'll give you holler here in a bit when I get still again. MiniKills, I sent you PM just now. Cal
  5. Coyote Attractent

    Coyote Juice
  6. Coyote Attractent

    Well, I ran onto a bottle down in my tool box over the weekend, and decided to squirt down a big rock along a trail that leads so and from a coyote dig along our fence. Dig had some signs of recent use, as it does about this time every year.......seems it is on the road to a den used in spring, as I usually snare a jip there when I see it in use again, but never a male. Anyhow, I swung by there this morning to see if any sign something checked it out, and something had peed all over that darn rock! Ground all around was dry as powder, but the rock and a little dirt right there was soaked, even a little puddle on top of the rock where a dimple was. Going to set a trail cam up and see who my PPer is, and then maybe just set a snare in that old hole. Will keep ya'll informed on what I learn. Cal
  7. Put me on there, pencil the girls in barring soccer getting in the way of the REAL Important stuff! Will get with you via PM soon on door prize stuff.
  8. Losing a Good Hunting Spot

    I guess I am just fortunate, as most all the places I hunt close to the house are fixed to where if one family member wants to sell they all have to agree. No way that will happen in my lifetime on about 1,200 acres I have permission for, and another 2,500 or so my 2 main hunting buddies own or have permission for us to hunt. Sadly there are more folks my age who would rather have the cash than the land and other property filled with memories, which could be added to by memories made with their kids, grandkids, or even great-grandkids..............people are just too short sighted, lazy, or greedy to keep what took such work to gain, and in some cases much blood was spilled to hold onto! Cal
  9. Coyote Attractent

    I have tried the Coyote Juice, and never had any luck. Seem to do better with a mix of Tink's #69, Coon, and Red Fox piss, but it is more of a cover scent than lure. Trying some lure Jim Brooks sent home with me last trip through Menard this winter, and home to see some success. Cal
  10. Sure looking forward to making it down there for at least one of the contests this year! Cal
  11. Got a Ruger LCP .380 this Weekend. Now I Need Advice.

    I have carried a Sig P238 .380 for the past several years, on a nearly daily basis. I run CorBons, or Liberty Arms in mine. The Liberty arms is a 55grn supposed to run 1500fps and very low recoil. Corbons I think are around 90grns......box was in the old house....and still no real recoil. I have killed several Rattlers over the years with my 380, and finished 1 coyote. Hope that helps, Cal
  12. Texas Early Voting Has Started

    Vote yesterday morning, and like most of you have said there was a long line. Mostly older folks when I was there, and I heard several ask for a paper ballot.......which was answered with "don't have any." Machine was straight forward enough for me. Time alone will tell if this works out like we hope. Locally we have some nut jobs trying to get on school board, but otherwise we are only voting on a couple of state and Federal positions. If things go wrong on any or all, we'll be in a jam. Cal
  13. New Vehicle

    You need a new G&W decal for that thing as well. Will drop one in the mail with a check for TPP Coffee mugs tomorrow! Got to get you repping my outfit, and need a TPP mug for coffee by Deer Season........ Cal P.S. We need to set up a time to get in that raincheck calling trip, and get fur in that new ride.
  14. New Vehicle

    Northern Tool has some hitch haulers for around $50, with 500LB rating. Cal
  15. Been updated a little since this, and likely will have a few more tweekings in the next few weeks. Cal
  16. Burris warranty

    Most of you know by now that we lost our home in a fire back in April. I lost all but my TPP AR, 12 Gauge riot gun, and a couple of pistols. Just got off the phone with Burris to see about having my Veracity 4-20X50mm repaired or replaced, and they said send it on! No charge, be glad to get me back in business for busting varmints and hunting deer. What an awesome company, and a real joy to visit with the customer service folks. Now to go box up the scope and send it on to them for repairs! Glad to be getting such a sweet scope in condition to be the new topper for my TPP AR, and put the combo to work busting some fur. Cal

    Just got the Burris Veracity 4-20X50mm FFP 30mm tube replacement back form Burris, settled it into the new 30mm P.E.P.R. mount, and topped my Texas Predator Posse 14 of 25 Limited 2014 Edition AR in .223/5.56 with a sweet new setup that will soon be ready to reek havoc on the varmints and put some venison in the freezer this fall! Now to get still and dial it in on 100 yards, then I can start working on pushing things out to 300 or so for those standoffish coyotes we run across from time to time. Should be a good cure for their commitment issues, lol! Cal
  18. Hey guys, Some of ya'll know I am between jobs, and doing some odd job stuff along with welding to fill my time and my gas tank while I job hunt. Today I came to realize I need to get a 5 Gallon gas can to keep spare fuel on the welding trailer...........ran short a good 15 miles from a gas station and had to bum a few gallons to finish a job! Was thinking one of the old style Jerry Cans with the screw on lid might be the best choice, and the mounting bracket would be great to keep it from moving around on these rough dirt roads. Maybe even get a second in the smaller size to keep spare fuel on the truck in case of emergency. Thought? Any good ideas of where to find one that they don't want $100 for just the can, and another $40 or more for the bracket? Thanks, Cal
  19. Under Armor Mistake????

    I have one UA T Shirt that was a gimme, nice and soft for sleep shirt. Never spent a dime with them, never plan too. Cost way too much, does not do anything other stuff won't, and actually seems a little flimsy for the country I hunt and work in. Oh well.... Cal
  20. Since the fire I have been down to 3 long guns, and 2 hand guns. Up to 4 long guns now, with the gift of my dad's old 870 Wing Master 12 from one of his buddies, so I have birds and center-fire rifle covered well. Short 12 for home defense, AR in 223/5.56 for deer/varmints/pigs/SHTF, and short 410 for snakes and such. I am on the hunt for a cheap .22, single shot or mag fed does not much matter, that will take a scope. just something for dispatching coons in traps, popping bunnies, plinking, and the like. Trying to keep at $150 or less, if possible. Also, I would like to find a .22 handgun, something for plinking and a truck pistol running snares. Nothing fancy buy any means, and under $250. Long as it will go bang and not leave me in a bind. If any of ya'll have ideas, or suggestions I am all ears. Everything else I have covered, or can borrow out of Dad's safe. Figure to deer hunt with either the AR, or maybe the old A303 30-06 Dad picked up a few years back. Just need a .22 around the house, and not have to borrow one of the sentimental ones off Dad............ Thanks Cal
  21. Burris warranty

    Well, after sitting and waiting for over a month I decided to call up there to Burris on Tuesday. They told me they would be replacing my Veracity 4-20X50, but were out of the exact model I had sent in with no idea when they would have them back in stock. However, if I would take the newer model, which was in stock, I could get a replacement coming. The newer model does not have quite the amount of MOA travel as the older one, but still had plenty to allow adjustment for a 223/5.56 out past 500 yards. I told the man I would be happy enough with the newer model! Dang thing is sitting on my TEXAS PREDATOR POSSE AR-15 as I type, and awaits dialing in at 25, 100, and 200 either tomorrow or Saturday! Smooth as split silk, and twice as fine is the only way I can describe this whole process of getting a replacement. Burris has extremely nice Customer Service folks, and stood behind their No Questions Asked Warranty far beyond expectations! If only they would take over Insurance and Government, then we might really be getting some good done, lol! Cal
  22. In Search of some replacement firearms........

    I had a Heritage with the Bird's Head grip a few years back, and for a stubby job it shot well. Never cared much for the safety setup, But a good gunsmith might can remove that mess. I'll revisit them! Have looked at the New England and H&R break barrel rifles for .22, or .22 Mag. Figure I need to go slum around some local pawn shops and see if I can pick up either on of those or a little bolt action .22. I will be happy with just an old Steven or something like that for a cheap plinker. Thinking I want a .22Short/Long/LR setup, so I can start my girl off with Shorts this fall. Even pondering one of the Cricket rifles and topping it with the old 4X Weaver Dad has on that 30-06, then move my Nikon 3-9X40 over to the 06. Thanks, Cal
  23. Birthday Gift from my Wife and Son

    I have one in Blued, and Dad has one like that, both are shooting rascals! Mine has the first 2 rounds #4 Shot for snakes, which I learned will KO a Grey Fox pup at about 10 yards as well. Very good guns, though I sometimes wish I had gone with 4" for carry ease. Congrats, Cal
  24. Order Posse Coffee Mugs Here!!

    Bob, I am in need of a new TPP mug! I was just reviewing what items I need to be ready for Deer Season, and I realized there are no hunt worthy mugs in the cupboard. I have TPP travel mugs, as it seems JoAnn and I both were due to clean out our travel mug collections from our cars when the house burned, but I have no primer mug for home use! I'll get a check out this week, Cal 2 Mugs-Paid.
  25. Rain

    We only got a little drizzle on Saturday, and were back to fighting grass fires again by Sunday evening. Still cloudy, and a chance for moisture, but I'll not be holding my breath! Cal