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  1. Trespass Fees for Pdogs

    Id be game for that as well. Have ammo will travel!
  2. Trespass Fees for Pdogs

    Thanks for the responses! I hope this place pans out. I have not had a place too shoot in 4-5 years now and I am definetly having with draws. I have always found my own places to hunt in the past but I am so hard up to shoot Pdogs now that Im ready to go to SD and pay an outfitter.
  3. My wife works with a lady that is from the panhadle of Texas. She is hooking me up with a rancher friend of hers that has a large enough spread to run a 1000 head of cattle. Supposedly he has a decent population of pasture maggots and has only allowed friends and family to hunt. She has already spoken with him and he is receptive to me coming out! Anyway, its been 4-5 years since I have had a place to shoot Pdogs. What would be a fair price to pay for daily trespass fees?
  4. Its been 4 years since I have been on a shoot. I would be interested If you are still trying to put this together!
  5. Well thats what I wish I was a doing right now. The red mist would have to be awesome in the snow!! I talked to Fred last night. He said the ground was still covered with snow and the wind only blowed 5mph yesterday. I almost loaded the truck up last night and drove 8 hrs to the panhandle!!
  6. .204 AR load...

    30ish grain bullets and benchmark or Re10 powder should get er done.
  7. .204 AR load...

    30ish grain bullets and benchmark or Re10 powder should get er done.
  8. Im trying to get into pdoggin.

    Dont worry he will be around soon. I hope you have deeeeep pockets. I shot over 3k rounds of ammo last year at pasture maggots.
  9. Im trying to get into pdoggin.

    Thats good advice. This pasture maggot addiction has cost me losts of money. This past fall I took the wife to New Mexico on our anniversery. Since we had to pass by Fred's I packed some guns/ammo. We shot for two days and now my wife is addicted.
  10. Pedophile

    Amen brother!