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  1. Update on the wife's situation

    Jerry, you and Carol have my continual prayers. The Lord's Will be done
  2. He Is Risen

    Now that's an awesome opportunity to share in His resurrection celebration the raising of a new body to the body of believers as witnesses
  3. Happy Birthday Bobcat

    Hope you had a great birthday today, Bob.
  4. Sick Wife

    Sending prayers to the Father for your wife, Jerry. Sorry I hadnt seen this until just now. Praying for you, as well!
  5. Let me know of you need anything, Bob... I'm stuck at work until 5... So I can be sure to grab anything that is needed before headed up
  6. Looking forward to seeing you there, Wade.
  7. I think I got a new member headed up this time too. Getting a little giddy for this year.
  8. Glad to see you coming, Coach!
  9. Paid via pp ... And the rifle shoot too.
  10. Olivia wants to shoot the 50yrd competition.
  11. I'll sign up. Me and Michelle.

    Maybe he can put the Jr. AGO to work again.... I know of several freezers that are EMPTY!
  13. Got good news. The three rug rats and the wife are coming with this year
  14. Far as I know at the moment, it'll be just me again this year.