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  1. Your Loading Bench Photo

    Mine is in our tack room.
  2. October Varmint Hunt

    Just found out they they CANCELED this hunt as of 11:45 this morning.
  3. 1st Annual East Texas Varmint Hunt Date: October 23rd-24th We will check-in Oct.23 at the Rusk County Rec Center off of Hwy 259 S in Henderson, TX from 9am till 11am and start hunting at 3pm. Weigh in will be at the same location at 10am Sunday morning. 1. Limit to 4 people per team. ($200.00 per team) 2. Mail ins accepted. 3. All animals must be harvested between 3:00 pm Sat. and 9:00 am Sun. (animals will be checked for freshness) 4. No trapped or snared animals will be allowed. Anyone bringing in such animals will be disqualified. 5. No hunting baited areas. 6. Giving or accepting any animal from anybody during the hunt will result in disqualification. 7. You must call the animal by mouthcall, lip squeaking or electronic calls excluding coons and hogs. 8. Each team will be responsible for proper disposal of all harvested animals. 9. You must follow Texas Parks and Wildlife rules. 10. Teams may split up on the same land during the daylight. Teams must hunt out of same vehicle after dark. 11. No ride alongs that are not on your team. 12.Absolutely no AERIAL HUNTING. 13. Must have landowners permission to hunt his or her property. 14. Money winners are subject to a polygraph. Mountain Lion-100 pts Fox- 40 pts Bobcat- 30pts Coyote- 20 pts Side Pots: Heavy coyote-$25 per team Heavy Bobcat-$25 per team Heaviest 3 Hogs-$25 per team Most coons-$25 per team Must be in main contest to enter side pots. · Ties will be broken by total weight of all animals. · Points will be given on 10 animals per species. · You may be subject to a polygraph test at end of hunt. ABSOLUTELY NO AERIAL HUNTING!!!!!!! Mail ins welcome, but must be received no later than the Thursday of the week of the contest. Mail ins must be Money Order or Cashiers Check. Please provide a telephone number on entry form to verify receipt!!!!!! Mail to: Justin Pierce 13984 FM 225 S Laneville, TX 75667 Please print! Team Member 1____________________________________________ Team Member 2____________________________________________ Team Member 3____________________________________________ Team Member 4____________________________________________ All judges, sponsors, contestants and or anyone affiliated with this contest not responsible in the event of an accident and or laws that might be broken by a contestant or team. Be safe and be responsible!! For any additional information please contact: Justin Pierce @ lanevillerockinj@yahoo.com _________________ East Texas
  4. We had a great time din't get to hunt at night but two spots because it was so wet and one of them was off my back porch, thats where we killed the fox. We hunted all over but killed the cat between Stephenville and Oak Dale. I am game HVFD any time you want to go hunt give me a call.
  5. Don't know how it all wound up just know we didn't win.
  6. wildlife tech caller

    They are great calls i have a wildlife tech and a CS-24 both are about the same except the foxpro has a better remote.
  7. Weatherford Contest Results

    I talked to the guys that are putting it on and they are guessing around 20 or so teams.
  8. Weatherford Contest Results

    I think the reason there wasn't as many teams and not as many animals killed is becasue I know first hand that it was 10 at about twelve at night and nothing was moving.
  9. Weatherford Contest Results

    13 teams 1st place payed $910.00/5 coyotes,1cat,2 greys 2nd place payed $390.00/3 coyotes,2 coons, 1 cat Heavy coyote=48.00 lbs=$130.00 heavy bobcat=19.10 lbs=$130.00 heavy grey= 10.14 lbs =$120.00 heavy coon = 15.1 lbs= $130.00 calcutta payed $90.00
  10. 4th Annual XPC Contest

    We had a good time last year and we will be back again if all goes well.
  11. We had a tough night of calling we missed two coyotes and killed these two fox and that was it we didn't even hear any dogs howling I guess it was too cold.
  12. Weatherford TX varmint calling contest Dates: Jan 9-10/Feb 6-7/Mar 13-14 Location: David’s Outdoor’s @ 1448 Mineral Wells Hwy Weatherford TX 76086 Times: 7AM Sat -9AM Sun General information: Mail in entry fee must be in by 5pm the Thursday before the contest. Send money order or cashiers check with entry form to Gabe Salmons. On the money order or cashiers check provide e-mail address to receive a receipt conformation. For the locals you can bring your entry to David’s Outdoors between 7p.m. & 9p.m. Cash is acceptable for personal entries. Polygraph will be given to money winners. We pay one place per 10 teams on the main pot. Heavy pots available for $10.00 a piece. A Calcutta is also available for $10.00. Ten animal cap on all species. This contest will last for a total of 26 hours. Entry fee per team is $100.00. 1-4 man teams no more. Championship pot will be $10.00 mandatory for all teams at each contest, Each team will receive 50 points each contest for showing , the team with the most points at the end of all 3 contest will win the championship pot, The 50 points you receive will not count for the contest only toward the championship pot. Points: Mountain Lions =200 points Red fox = 70 points-10 animal cap Bobcat = 35 points-10 animal cap Coyote = 25 points-10 animal cap Grey fox= 10 points-10 animal cap Coons = 5 points-10 animal cap Positives: Having a 26hr hunt with mail in entries helps everyone (for example): Hunters not from around the area can be ready to hunt when tournament starts Local hunters can hunt longer while west, south or north hunters are driving back Contact info Gabe Salmons 817-304-5280 Jeff Neil 817-298-1597 Danny Bloodworth 817-894-9516 Westernstarconcrete@yahoo.com 107 Blue ribbon trl Weatherford TX,76087 _____________________________________________________________  Weatherford, Tx varmint calling contest- (Rules) Texas and Oklahoma No hunting out of helicopter’s or boats. No pooling of animals. No baiting an area to hunt.(if the animal has died you may hunt by the animal but can not either kill an animal and place it somewhere or move an animal after natural death. You must hunt out of a registered vehicle, no four wheelers or mule type atv’s Team members must hunt on same piece of property, They may split but must remain on the same property. You must hunt only land you have permission to hunt on or state required land. No shooting off of public roads(if you have a county road that only goes to your land owners house in the middle of the property with the owners land on each side of the road that is fine. If you drive up on a animal or walk up on a animal you must come to a complete stop. Squeak, call, or make some kind of noise to make that animal commit before pulling the trigger. By committing I mean he must stop and look at you. You may shoot coons out of trees All team members may not start hunting until tournament starts. Only animals that have been shot during contest hours will count for the contest No adding weight to your animal. There will be 3 polygraph test given , 1st place, 2nd place, and a random draw which will be decided by the host of the competition. The judges will decide. Thanks again Guys and have a great hunt. Gabe Salmons 817-304-5280/Jeff neal 817-298-1597 Danny blood worth 817-894-9516/Greg denny 817-933-5715 _____________________________________________________________ Entry Form WEATHERFORD TX VARMIT CALLING CONTEST PLACE: David’s Outdoors 1448 Mineral Wells Hwy Weatherford TX, 76086 HOSTED BY: Gabe Salmons Jeff Neil Danny Bloodworth Greg Denny(hosts will be hunting in tournament) Number of team members: _________ Hometown: _____________________ Team captains cell number and name:______________ Names of team members:____________________________________________________ Place an X beside animal you would like to enter in the heavy pot: Bobcat_ Coyote_ Lion_ Red_ Grey_ Coon_ Calcutta : Yes__ No__ Main pot: $100.00 Championship pot:$10.00 Heavy pot for all species: $10.00 (If entered main,championship,heavy coon,grey,yote,bobcat totals at $150.00) * Mailed in entry forms must be in money order or cashiers check only * Please provide e-mail address to receive a receipt of payment __________ Gabe Salmons 107 Blue Ribbon Trl Weatherford, Tx 76087
  13. High Rack/ Hunting Rack

    This is what we have. Its not a very good pic though.
  14. Big Cat: 1st-28.30 2nd-24, Most Cats: 3 way split with 2, Most grays: 21 Most coyotes: Two way tie with 1. We should have went to check in we would have won the most yotes with 5.