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  1. Nice hunt. What thermals are you using?
  2. Order Posse Member Caps Here!

    Please send 2 Green Caps 2 Tan/Green Caps check is in the mail. PAID.SHIPPED.
  3. Happy Valentines Day

    Happy Valentine Day!
  4. Birthday Gift from my Wife and Son

    Very nice. They are great shooters! Enjoy!
  5. Finally Found some .22 WMR Ammo

    ammoseek.com where you can find just about any type of ammo from people that actually have it in stock and they will ship it to you. Might cost a little more but you don't have to wait until someone gets some in and it is 1000% more effective than yelling bang!
  6. What one caliber rifle for texas hunting

    For Texas .270 WIN!
  7. Merry Christmas to All

    Merry Christmas!
  8. Sad that a group of "experienced" predator hunters can't tell a Bobcat from a house cat!
  9. That is a young Bobcat and the Boys weren't exactly excited about our posing it. This is all of the tail God gave it!
  10. We were out feeding the deer and quail about 4 this afternoon when the boys took off into the brush like they smelled prime rib. In a few minutes they came out with this!
  11. SHOOTER's 2015 Christmas Suit-Help Him Decide!

    I think he'd look might spiffy going out to breakfast with you in Devine while wearing the purple one and I'd like to be the proverbial fly on the wall to watch!
  12. Time For Quail in Texas

    Wet Spring, lots of quail. We don't hunt 'em just feed 'em trying to create more brood pairs for surrounding area. No hunter edumacaton needed, still use rock and slingshot. circa 1943.
  13. Almost lost the dog again this morning...

    Owning a ranch I get to shoot a lot more than the average Posse member and I also have a shooting range on the ranch but I must admit that I have been out shot by Helen Keller more times than I can believe. I'm amazed how many times I can make a difficult shot like there was nothing to it and then want to check the end of the barrel to see if there is anything coming out when I miss one that good ole Helen never would.
  14. Country Living - TV problems

    Last night we were watching the Saints and Falcons see who could play the sloppiest football and near the start of the fourth quarter we started having all kinds of interference on the TV. I've never seen interference like this but I just started cussing someone making some transmission that was impacting the signal. We have a ranch about 65 miles west of Houston and occasionally we get interference that seems to be associated with all of the drilling going on out here. We have a high definition antenna that is about one foot square mounted on a pole about 25 feet in the air and it picks up an amazing number of stations very well. We were also waiting on some Lodge cast iron stuff to be delivered by UPS that my bride wanted for her new camp cooking endeavor so between waiting for UPS and the static on the TV we really didn't pay much attention to our two labs barking their butts off at the end of the house. By the time the Lodge stuff got here about 10 P.M. we weren't getting any signal on the TV station that had the game on and only one or two other stations and that was iffy. I had the TV do an automatic channel scan but it only got a couple of channels rather that the 70 or so it usually gets. After helping my bride play with her new cook stuff we went to bed with me having a new project for the next day to fix the darn antenna. Well this morning all channels were working just fine so thank goodness I didn't have to fix the antenna, there is more than enough stuff to do out here without that. The moral to this story is that when your two year old labs are barking their butts off at night and you start to have TV interference rest assured that those wonderful pups have chased a Possum up your TV antenna pole and it is clinging to the antenna which just destroys reception.