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  1. 2017 with little man!!

    That turkey is as big as he is. Good going.
  2. Still slinging the slabs!!

  3. Not a bad price on the Winchester AA's. And I envy the 28 gauge. Always wanted one, but never got around to it. OP
  4. My wife is dealing with the same situation, especially since her latest surgery. There's no good answer, except how you are dealing with it. My hat is off to you in what you are dealing with and how you are handling it. My prayers continue for you also. Jerry
  5. Good to see you were able to get out for a little while. Good shot with that beautiful gun. Jerry
  6. New Posse Facebook Group

    I for one appreciate you and your efforts. It had to have taken a lot of time and other resources. I have a little trouble navigating Facebook, but I am going to make the effort to keep up with the ones of you I know. And I do hope that the Rendezvous can continue somehow. Jerry S.
  7. A few video's of Pig hunts

    I particularly enjoyed the sounder video. That one looked like fun. OP
  8. Ever Heard of a Bump Stock?

    Mark, I have one final challenge for you. Go back through my posts in this thread, and do a quote on me showing where I stated that it should be illegal for anyone to buy a bump stock. I'm not talking about where I said that I didn't like them, which I don't, or that I thought that they were a waste of money for my son-in-law, which in my opinion it was. Just where I plainly said that they should be illegal. Not what you have tried to make my opinions out to be, but what was actually said without further interpretation by you. I'll look for your posting of my quote tomorrow. I look forward to seeing it. Besides, I think Bobcat is getting a little weary of this, and frankly so am I. So I'll give you the final stage, right after I see the quote. OP
  9. Ever Heard of a Bump Stock?

    Mark: A few points yet that we don't agree on. First, the situation for misuse by the wrong person that I envisioned when making that statement was a crowded theater, church, etc. No aiming required...lots of casualties. Second, not liking or wanting a bump stock has nothing to do with my support of the 2nd Amendment. Your "either you accept it or you don't" vision of the 2nd Amendment is untenable even to you, or should be. With absolutely no restrictions, you are saying it is okay for my 8 year old granddaughter to own a fully automatic weapon and use it...she is a citizen, after all. And you are also saying that a proven mentally disabled and unstable person, or a known terrorist, or a murderer released from prison has the absolute right to that fully automatic or any other weapon. A "single soldier" could also make good use of hand grenades....you want the population to be able to get them, too? They are definite weapons, and I'm not talking "nukes" or "biological weapons" either, although it's only by your definition that I exclude them, too. The fact is, no rights, not even the 2nd Amendment, are absolute. Certain religions believe if you don't join them, they have every right to kill you. By your definition of "either you accept it or you don't", the 1st Amendment gives them the right to do so, and we should support their right to kill us with no consequences. That would be absolute freedom. I could go on, but I won't. Common sense, which the framers of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution had, should tell us that no restrictions on anything does not result in anarchy, it is anarchy. The Bill of Rights was created out of necessity through compromise and restraint. We should not expect that their doing so then ended the need for that now. We are expected to continue their example cautiously and with restraint and with common sense. That's the least we can do for our Founding Fathers' efforts. If something is a bad idea, we should have the right to call it what it is, at least in our view of the matter, without being ostracized or marginalized for doing so. That is within the spirit of what the Framers did. And until the "Freedom of Speech" portion of the 1st Amendment is rescinded, I will continue to voice what I deem to be bad ideas, the 2nd Amendment notwithstanding. Let those who wish to interpret my intentions negatively do so, it matters not to me. The "Never Compromise on Anything" crowd has a lot more than me to worry about. Jerry
  10. Ever Heard of a Bump Stock?

    Mark, you either miss my point or are ignoring it. A bump stock is a way for someone intent on doing mass harm to get what amounts to a fully automatic weapon legally. To get a true fully automatic weapon is not easy. People who can own one have been fully vetted. I stand by my statement that nobody needs a bump stock, not that you shouldn't be able to buy one. What I don't stand by is your assertion that anyone who doesn't feel exactly the same as others do about every firearm or accessory ever made should be lumped into the category of a closet anti-gunner, or Fudd as you put it. That sounds like something the PC crowd would come up with, i.e., if you don't think the way I do, you're wrong, and we'll create an acronym to prove it. Hopefully we can avoid creating a "thought police" within the gun community, although from what you have said we may be dangerously close to already having one. As to having "heartburn" over my son-in-law's purchase, it has everything to do with the bump stock, because that is what started this discussion. To him, it wasn't a waste of money. To me, it was. "A waste of money", even relating to guns, is a matter of opinion, and I trust the thought police will allow me mine. As to "crossing a line", I would ask who it was that drew that line you strongly hint has been crossed by me? Nobody that I know drew it, and I would suggest that as many stand on my side of the line concerning the potential for misuse as stand on the other side. Even if that is not the case, I still stand on this side with no apologies to anyone. If anyone wants to take something personal and try to universalize it, be my guest. In the future, however, tell them to try to do it without labeling. That should be beneath anyone's dignity. Jerry
  11. Wildcards, where in Frisco is that store located? Anywhere close to where Coit intersects Stacy Rd., or whatever Stacy Rd. is called at that point? I'm going to be up that way in a couple of weeks, and if it's convenient to where I'll be, I might want to stop by and check them out. OP
  12. lightning is not your friend!!

    You should have left it that way. Would have been quite a conversation piece! OP
  13. Ever Heard of a Bump Stock?

    Mark, in this case I might tend to agree with the anti-gunners that nobody "needs" a bump stock, although not in the same light as they might frame it. Want, desire, covet....yes. Need? No. Two totally different verbs. And for this son-in-law, the purchase was a waste of money by my definition. He used very limited family resources to get something he "wanted" rather than "needed" at the ultimate expense of the rest of his family, meaning my daughter and my grandkids. It gets personal there, with nothing whatsoever to do with pro-gunning or anti-gunning anything. Also, you made the point that a bump stock is not dangerous in the hands of a "responsible" person. I made the point that it has a real potential to be dangerous in the hands of the wrong (irresponsible) person. On that I think we agree, the difference being the use of a positive or negative construction of the sentence. The bottom line is that what I witnessed guaranteed that for myself, I will never "want" or "need" a bump stock. Jerry
  14. lightning is not your friend!!

    Sorry it had to happen, Mark. That is a heck of a lot of damage you sustained. I hope the insurance company treats you right on this, and everything gets back to normal soon. I know it's a lot of trouble and headaches at the very least. Best of luck. Jerry
  15. Toward the end of the announcement, Gander Mountain makes it sound like Camping World is joining them, rather than them being absorbed by Camping World. Let us know if you find a true amazing bargain in their close-out sale. I'm a little dubious. OP