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  1. Newest Posse Member: Kimber Wise!

    I have to say my world has been turned upside down. I can already feel the estrogen flowing through our home.
  2. Got My Hog Mount Back!

    Nasty, just like a hog should be.
  3. 1st Bobcat!!

    I still remember that feeling of my first kitty. Keep at it and hopefully many more will come.
  4. First Shot First Kill!

    Good looking dog with a good looking shotgun.
  5. large sow falls to Contender in 30-30 AI

    Nice pig, got some great freezer meat there.
  6. Pd Lady

    What are you talking about, I'm already a member. It is a great way to find new hunting locations in town. In reality; she is catching most of these buy my house in Lubbock. I've found the developers have much more fondeness to me asking if they would like to join me for some supressor testing. They seem to find the balistic mediums acceptable. I do remember years back in this area someone else was doing the same thing in the name of the prarie dogs and even charged people to "resuce" them from their properties. Come to find out they were then selling them as a food item to overseas markets.
  7. opinions on boresnake?

    Love them. I am one of those lang rangers that shoot a rifle until performance drops, that is when I clean the bore. I do however run a boresnake with light oil once or twice through them after each outing.
  8. Is It East Or West.

    Clint, Where are you out of? I'm up in Lubbock but I travel a ton and would like to meet up sometime.
  9. P Dog shooting

    Sorry, I was stuck out at Fort Knox for some time. I'm now in Virgina Beach doing some work with some units here. I have been out to the fields in the Hobbs area once this year and the plague has still kept the numbers down. I two have to second the Tatum area I was passing through there on the way to Fort Bliss last month and had to take a few roadside breaks. I'll be back around Lbk at the end of the month and hope to have some time at home with the wife, but I do not see me being able to do any guide work this season. The military is keeping me on the road too much.
  10. Change my thinking about scopes?

    I find where the higher priced scopes really compare is in low light situation like early morning and late evening. Happens to be the times I do the most shooting, but who looks through a scope in a store in low light to compare.... The higher cost equals longer lasting as well. Its' worth the money for me to not have one of my limited shooting trips ruined because of a broken scope. I've never had one break in the safe, its always when I am needing to use it. I second Nightforce. I've replaced most of my Leupolds with them.
  11. 15th Posse Hog Hunt

    Man the wife was even up for doing this as our anniversary trip. Too bad I have a cancer fundraiser that I need to attend.
  12. Had some spare time

    Now that is a good idea right there!
  13. How to call the police

    lovin it
  14. Off to El Paso

    You should come see me! Shot me an email, I'm off to DFW for appx 10 days for a show them back in Lbk.