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    Hunting,fishing,shooting,camping with my family.

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  1. Happy Birthday Bob

    Happy Birthday Bob! And MANY mooooore!
  2. Gander Mtn

    Gibsons in Kerrville too... wish it were closer. They sale a little bit of everything from welding supplies to reloading supplies, hunting,fishing, clothing, rv supplies ,feeders,blinds,firearms,archery, plumbing, hard to find items.... more than what i remember them selling when i was a kid,more like a smalltown supply store. OP, I don't think you would be disappointed at all, i can spend hours in there.
  3. Need a little more help on case cleaning

    Jerry, I sent you a PM.
  4. Fear of Hogpocalypse

  5. Happy Birthday SHOOTER!

    Happy belated Birthday Doug!
  6. Fun couple days at the lease

    Good chooten! I'm leaning real hard toward getting a Bergara in the Creed. Do you have the "Timber" model ?
  7. Good couple days at the lease

    Bennie your really putting that Bergara through its paces! Good Chooten!
  8. Big Buck down for BAB (Billie)

    Big Congrats! Good Chooten!
  9. Little man doubled up!!!

    Awesome!!! Congrats to both of you! Good Chooten!
  10. Good to see you back up and gunnin!
  11. Youth Shotgun

    A lot of the young shooters start with a simple 20 ga semi-auto, if she doesn't have one to borrow from someone, try the Remington 1187 or something comparable, Browning etc. Many young shooters start with a shotgun that is too barrel heavy and have problems holding the gun up into shooting position. Once she has established herself committed to the sport, than start looking for a "good competition shotgun" something that she can grow into and use in the future Beretta, Blaser, Browning all come to mind in an over/under configuration, stick to the big names for years of quality and continued performance. Tell her to give shooting some time, you don't become an expert shot overnight, kids are short on patience and expect to shoot as good as the kid thats been shooting for 5 years. Enjoy!
  12. TX Dove Season Open!

    Couldn't find my choke case Thursday morning before heading to work, a little concerned with maybe losing it, but hoping in the back of my mind it was around the house somewhere, loaded shotty, shells, dove belt etc in truck and went to work thinking whatever choke is in the gun will have to do. At 5:00 PM sharp we headed north of SA and in about 15 - 20 minutes we were in the field and shooting mourning doves, we limited in short time, when i was done, I sent a pic to my son at college, and asked by chance if he knew where my choke case was, he responded "yes in his shooting bag" which is at my house, evidently I left it in there during one of the clay shoots. When i got home that evening I pulled the choke out of the gun and it was a skeet choke lol, I swapped it out for my favorite, light mod. Saturday evening just about my whole family was hunting, it is our annual get together, brothers, in laws, nephews, nieces, sons, daughters, even my 95 and 90 yr young parents were out enjoying the evening and a few fresh "poppers".
  13. Scorpion "Miss"

    Hmmm...a Bobcat and a Roadrunner as roommates, sounds like the makings of a good cartoon!
  14. Palestine pig hunt!!!

    WOW! Nice Catch!
  15. Ray Roberts

    Kinda threw me for a minute there, I thought CAT was short for catfish! Way to hold your running for AOTY (angler of the year), good job, great catch of good eating right there too!