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  1. How many of y'all are still shooting a 243 WSSM? I had almost talked myself into selling mine until this past weekend. I shot a doe in the eye down south and it reminded me how much I love this gun. Since the factory ammo is disappearing, I wanted to see what some of you guys had in mind on acquiring ammo or reloading.

    Hey guys! I apologize for being MIA for so long. I've got so many irons in the fire, my head stays spinning. We're still trying to ride out this oilfield. There is plenty of good news though. I've started a little crawfish catering business and having a blast with that. The biggest news is, I was unexpectedly able to lease a piece of land that I would've never in my wildest imagination thought would have happened. I literally believe I now have the best deer, duck, gator, frog, hog, and squirrel huntin spot in Texas, if not the world. I will also be doing some guided hog hunts. I've got to make a post about that on here ASAP but if anyone wants to schedule a hunt this year, let me know. It will be first class. I've got over 30,000 acres to hunt and the finest lodging, meals, and hog dogs in all of Texas. We're also doing a few flooded timber duck hunts. Jennifer and Rye are doing great. I've got two litters of pups that I believe will be world famous hog/blood trailing dogs. I've also been doing a lot of custom fabrication in my shop at home and trying to clean up my land. Just so many wonderful things going on, I don't have time to stop. I would definitely like to plan a group hunt for next spring or this year before it gets too hot. I'm going to work on getting some gator tags for our ranch by next year. I'm staying creative and motivated to make it through these low oil prices but I'll be very glad when it evens out. Yall throw my name out there if you have a huge event or private party and need someone to cater crawfish. I can cook well over 1,000 pounds an hour in the new cooker I built and travel ANYWHERE. We'll actually be going out by Hobbs, NM to cook crawfish in a few weeks and I'll be cooking at Go Topless Weekend at Crystal Beach (this weekend). We won second place at the Crawfish Festival cook-off but we're still number one in Texas. I'm also working on starting an annual crawfish and music event on the Frío River. Y'all have a great week and come see us if you get a chance.
  3. What'd I Miss?

    Hey everyone! Just letting y'all know we're still here! Been a full time job trying to make it in this oilfield and raise a manchild.
  4. Unique trout baits

    I guess I'm one of those diehard fly fisherman. I just like tying my own flies.
  5. I hate we had to miss it this year. Just couldn't make it happen. We'll definitely make up for it next year. Glad everyone had a safe, fun trip.
  6. redwolf or coywolf

    I've got some pictures of some I've caught that definitely seemed to have some red wolf traits. I guess you've heard what Chester Moore says about them in our area?
  7. Warning from Neaches Bobcat

    I can guarantee you, I'm not trying that again. It wasn't a warning,she literally intended on killing me and feeding my carcass to her young. I've had plenty of animals bluff me or try to scare me off. I think I would've been safer with a grizzly bear.
  8. Newest Posse Member: Rye Curtis!!

    Thank y'all very very much! It has been insanely busy around here. No sleep in the hospital, up all night with a crying baby, A/C froze up, had to redo all my sewer lines thus morning... there's no end. Things will slow down pretty soon and I'll get y'all updated. Rye is perfectly healthy though and I couldn't have asked for a better father's day present!
  9. fox mount I'm working on

    Very nice! Would you be interested in doing another one. I've covered up in grey foxes right now and I've always wanted one mounted and I've also got some old antique traps I'd like to display and this would be great for that.
  10. Brian, aka "Neches Bobcat" & Jen Curtis

    Hey everyone! Thanks for the kind words! Jennifer has had me going wide open. I've got to add onto the house along with a thousand other things. I've honestly never been so excited about something in my life though. I'm ready to meet this kid. This is going to change the way my future hunting seasons go so I've been trying to make the most of this one. I just acquired a new place to hunt last week that's out of this world but needs some serious work. I'll probably be 50 pounds lighter by this time next year with all the things I've got to do. Keep us in y'alls prayers and I'm not saying whether I want a boy or girl because God will probably surprise me with the opposite but y'all are more than welcome to pray that this kid can pee in the woods standing up.
  11. Y'all need to come compete in the Texas Outdoor CHILD cookoff in Silsbee. I love doing cookoffs but you can't let it get to you. Something that came in 10th might have been first with a different judge.
  12. That hole has it's own alarm system!
  13. May be good late night archery practice also.
  14. I have caught a few accidentals on blind sets and dirt holes but like they said, try funneling them with boards. If that doesn't work, try doing something to repel them. Maybe spray some ammonia around or throw out mothballs or landmines. I've even got a good armadillo dog I can loan out for a small fee.