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  1. Lubrication points for AR's

    On all internial parts I use plain ol automatic transmission fluid, holds up to the heat a lot better. It is cheap and a Qt will go a long way.
  2. .17 HMR

    Great little fox gun, that with a spotlight you can't go wrong.
  3. why haven't we seen some one makeing a bill to have back ground checks to by pressure cookers? The should at least track all sales and reduce them to one quart only in size.
  4. Stuck Brass

    Keep in mind that to much lube will damage your casing also. If you start to get deformed shoulders, you can atribute that to too much lube.
  5. Have I gone overboard with my AR accesories?

    Whatever you do, don't fall out of the boat with the sling around your neck.You will be a goner.......
  6. Anonymous Hacks Another

    Hay thanks for that info. Was having problems with a fly fishing site and thought it was my end. Stopped me from screwing with my settings and making the problem much worst. Thanks again..........
  7. Make Your Own Shooting Sticks

    I'm cheap, I use two fiberglass electric fence pole from Tractor supply. A little paint for camo and I use the Band Castrator bans to hold together the poles at the pivot point.
  8. Another Camo job

    Very nice job. Which paint did you use? All lines are soft and not sharp at all, great job.
  9. bullet seating depth

    Would you elaborate how you measure using these articles?
  10. Need some 30-06 advice

    Been a while since I reloaded the old o6, but my load was a 168 hpbt with 52 gr 4895 and CCI primers. couldn't get a more accurate load than that with my gun. And I had some good luck with some 110 gr sierra varmints also.
  11. Ran Out of Windage?

    If square, cut a coke can in strips and shim as required. Cheaper and no wait.
  12. Happy New Year to all

    Hope everyone had a good and safe New Year. Well I was out checking fence this morning and found a hole from what looks like a hog. Haven't had any in the past on this ranch but it was just a matter of time. Put a snare on the hole and we will wait and see.
  13. 30-06

    I’m also a great fan of the 06 and the wide variety of loads and application. MY most favorite load is a 168 gr HPBT and 52 gr IMR 4895.Take the time to work up to this load each gun is different and this might not be just what works the best in yours.
  14. My first E-caller

    Thanks for the reply, I found the section as you said.
  15. My first E-caller

    May I ask what amp you used? And the horn what type and where did you get that. I have an old small e caller I would like to put a remote speaker on and this might just be the ticket.