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  1. For you Ford drivers

    all the yugos had obama stickers 08 on them they crushed with all the buy outs of old cars
  2. How Often?

    tough to call. i lived on 200 acres that i hunted and have on camera when my front door shut the wild pigs would leave the feeders and pig pipes. calling the dogs and cats i could never even get them to slow down in leaving the area when i would start a call, i have lots of dogs and cats on film but none would ever answer the call

    beenie reasons to carry a pistol he just wanted play after being trapped
  4. Murdered Ducks, and one mamed in the night....

    skunks or vampires they will bite the head of chickens off and suck the blood out of the body, been thete done that, do you kill a chicken killer or a rat catcher all the same one a skunk
  5. Happy Birthday Bobcat

    happy late birthday, did not know you birthday was same as my wife, so no wonder i forgot it
  6. Sick Wife

    prayersvsent jerry, i hope everything turns out well
  7. Shock Gobble Coyote

    still not bad shooting try to hit a target that does not know where it is going
  8. that hog is even smiling like it was a good time,

    i am looking at the same set up price of pigs has gone up here, but they seem to be getting fewer of them

    it does not matter they where yours, i hope you get them back. it is still a 2000 dollar lost
  11. new hand gun license

    ok thanks my life is spinning so fast right now i will have to set a time to call
  12. new hand gun license

    renewed my hgl in dec. still have not got them back running out of time is there a place you can check on them on line or call was not expecting to take this long. i renewed and done everything on line
  13. 200 Yard Coyote

    i have had a few that left so fast there next adress was in a distance county no looking back but that has to do with wind and odor control
  14. bobcat's revue of bluetooth caller came out today in the predator extreme e-mag. now the bad news he sat on this caller for 6 months and did not let me in on it. next meal i buy him will be a mickey d over 55 meal. bobcat you can ship that to me and i promise not to shoot it like some people do callers.
  15. Six Month PSA Test Today

    great you going to feel like hunting again