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  1. Big Buck down for BAB (Billie)

    Great job. Great buck
  2. South African Safari

    I got the chance to do a little hunting of my own. my best kudu a great warthog. with the owner of the ranch/ph El Marie. She runs a great outfit. Sebastian and I Sebastian and his mom. She was a great sport to go with us. a great time was had.
  3. South African Safari

    The place was covered up in warthogs. He took both of these with the 280 ackley. the accubonds were recovered from both and were completely mushroomed and lost most of its weight. This was the gut shot with the 280 ackley. a really fine example of the common duiker. He also got a baboon, but I can't find the picture.
  4. South African Safari

    Took my 14 year old on an South African Safari and just got on Wednesday. We hunted the Limpopo region of South Africa with Hunter's Rock Safaris. Great outfit, tremendous game, good hospitality. Owned by one of the few female PHs in South Africa. She was our guide the entire time and first rate. Sebastian is my youngest. He is 14 years old, and has been hunting with me since he was 3 or 4 years old. He took 9 animals with 1 shot kills. 7 of them were taken with my Hill Country Rifles custom 300 WSM lightweight shooting 180 grain Federal triple shock. 2 of them were taken with my Hill Country Rifles 280 action with a proof research barrel shooting 140 grain Nosler Accubond factory ammo. Now for the pictures in order of harvest: First animal for him was this impala. taken at 120 yards. Head on chest shot. This was a great shot. 80 yards. Angling towards him with it's left shoulder aimed at him. The PH asked him to put it right on it's left shoulder. The bullet was recovered in it's right rear leg. The zebra went legs up where it stood. The PH has only ever seen this happen a couple of times in her 15 years of guiding. Gemsbok dropped where it stood. 70 yard broadside shot. The wildebeest was taken at 125 yards. It was broadside facing to Sebastian's left. He put it right on the shoulder. It dropped where it stood. When we got to it and began to prepare it for the picture, we noticed the base of the 180 grain triple shock sticking out of the off shoulder. that is the base of the bullet 150 yard shot on this blesbok. It ran about 30 yards and dropped. great performance of the barnes bullets. the one on your left was recovered from the zebra after traveling the length of the animal. the one on your right was recovered from the wildebeest the base of which was peaking out of the off shoulder.
  5. Webb County Buck

    I had not had much time to hunt this season as work and other commitments kept getting in the way. No one had seen this buck all season during shooting hours. My youngest son and I made it to the ranch later than we had planned Friday after Thanksgiving. I dropped him off at his blind, made sure my friend Sean got settled in another blind. I got into the blind about 3:20 pm. Not one animal showed itself until this bruiser popped out at the feeder just before 4pm. He filled the entire sendero, his body was so huge. I confirmed he was the buck I was after with the binoculars and got the gun ready to take the shot once he turned broadside. I didn't stare at his antlers, knowing that if I did, I would start to get nervous. he finally presented a broadside shot, and I took it. 175 yards. Put it on the shoulder and the 140 gr Accubond from my Hill Country Rifles 280 Ackley Improved Custom performed perfectly. The bullet went in on his right shoulder and lodged just behind the left shoulder after poking through the ribs. The bullet performed perfectly as well. The buck was scored at Muy Grande Village in Freer. 167 & 1/8. He was just shy of 220 lbs. on the hoof. Almost killed Sean, Sebastian and myself getting it into the the back of the truck. Thanks to both of them for all the help. It turned out to be a great holiday after all. Lots to give thanks for.
  6. I hunted the Boss ranch in West Texas 4 or 5 years ago and they had a good number of dogs and a great set up. Don't know if they are still around. website is not working, but you can try the number 432-395-2490
  7. Lodging near Dallas Convention Center??

    most hotels are gonna be booked. Just decided today to go and made reservations at the Hyatt Regency. It seems that it is pretty close, but it wasn't cheap. Good luck finding a place.
  8. Got this one this morning

    good job. great looking dear
  9. Buck of a Lifetime

    It is a whitetail deer that was given the opportunity to age. He was a 7 and 1/2 year old deer. He would have scored better last year, but didn't have the character that he does now. He was symmetrical and had a substantial amount of mass that clearly ended up looking a bit freaky on his right side this year.
  10. Buck of a Lifetime

    I was using a Hill Country Rifles Full Custom with an Xtreme Titanium Action in a McMillan Edge Technology Stock with a Proof Research barrel. Titanium muzzle break in 280 Ackley Improved shooting Factory Nosler Accubond 140 grain. Shot well under 1/2 moa. It was topped with an illuminated 4.5 -14X50 scope with the Boone & Cocket reticle. It was sighted in at 200 and I aimed dead on. The real star of the encounter was the Swarovski 15X56 SLC HD binoculars that made it happen. He had come out multiple times before but usually well outside the legal shooting hours. He had come out a couple of times during legal shooting hours, but I could not distinguish his body from some of the other deer with my 10X42 swarovision binocs. He never really came out any closer than 200 yards. It was not until right before my next hunt that I ordered the binoculars to help me ensure that I was looking at the correct deer and distinguish his body from the other deer. They worked perfectly and help me ensure that I was aiming at the correct animal. I was very happy with all of my equipment. This was one of the those times where everything worked as it was supposed to.
  11. Buck of a Lifetime

    Got my buck of a lifetime. He had been completely nocturnal for the past few weeks. Earliest I had ever seen him was about 25 minutes past legal shooting time. This time, he made a mistake and came out at 220 yards with about 2 minutes of shooting time left. Scored 170 3/8. Webb County at the family ranch. Managed lands permit.
  12. Anybody considered a Posse AR-10??

    I would be interested in one.
  13. Custom rifle question

    I highly recommend Hillcountry Rifles out of New Braunfels. www.hillcountryrifles.com They offer a semi custom for a bit more than that and it usually shoots as well as their full customs.
  14. need opinions on 2 predator rifles

    Never used the CZ, but swear by the Savage. I have the model 10 predator in 204. Love it. shoots and handles like a dream.
  15. We lost another good guy.

    I was planning to go to Alberta this year with him in November. RIP Greg. My prayers are with his family.