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  1. Good taxidermy?

    Eastex, I would say to go look at work at multiple local shops and ask a few questions while you are looking. Do they send out tanning for the pros to handle? turn around? cost obviously, and references from past customers. If it were me I would want to see real work in person before deciding on who to use. And tanning is a big deal in my book. Foxes have very fragile hair around the base of the ears. A home tan job could have that hair falling out within a year. I've tried it every way possible, trust me on this. Pro tanning will cost you more but the results speak for themselves. I would give you a quote but have my hands full at the moment. Thanks for the kind words Minikills! Keep in mind a good deer guy may not be very good at small mammals. It is a totally different ball of wax. And cost could be anywhere from 350 to 1000 depending on what you want done. Shoot me a pm if you have any questions I can help with. John
  2. Tempting.... Anyone want to go on a road trip?
  3. More pics from Afirca

  4. Slew called me last October and asked if I would take in this awesome free range axis. Axis deer are my favorite critter to mount hands down. The tannery I use has about a six month turn around so I just got it back and got to work. I am not taking in much work right now because of school and the new addition to the family that is almost here but I chiseled some late nights out of my schedule to get this guy mounted. Later this week I will be sewing a pillow out of the remaining cape. I think this is my last piece for a few months. But this coming season, if anyone wants to trade any hunts for taxidermy work I am all ears!!! Hope ya'll like him. Like always, I am still learning and strive to improve techniques as I go. I try to make each mount look better than the last. John V.
  5. Bears!!

    Nice color, are Utah bear tags as hard to get as their elk and deer tags are?
  6. Langdon is on the board!!!

    sweeeet!! You a grooming a fine hunter! I was hoping to see that he connected with one.
  7. hersh, I just noticed we live in the same town! As I am sure you know the nutria population in Round Rock is at oh around...0 That being said, I used to live on the coast north of Corpus Christi. I duck hunted the bays down that way extensively. I know of a few places that I would see plenty of nutria at in the brackish sloughs of the Nueces river estuary. If you have a mud boat I could give you directions. It would be a long drive and boat ride though just to shoot a few nutria. There must have been plenty of them because I would see a HUGE bull gator in the area often while hunting. I think he enjoyed them.
  8. Byron South' new caller

    I spent the morning programming and then playing with the one that we won. All I can say is wow! It sounds great and is extremely user friendly. I plan on calling with cbarnes very soon with it.
  9. any jewelry makers? Need a gator tooth necklace made

    Thanks Mike, that is my next avenue. I just didn't want to be that guy showing up at a jeweler with a sack of gator teeth!
  10. hey guys, I have a Ziploc bag full of alligator teeth from the gator I shot last season. I am wanting to get a necklace or two made out of the big ones. I am not into gaudy do it yourself stuff so I am looking for someone that does this kind of work. Something simple but nice. Like a silver cap on the end of the tooth and a heavy duty silver chain or dog tag chain. Does anyone have any contacts? Or a direction they could point me in? Thanks in advance, John
  11. New Property

    Dang it Tinker. I was just going to make a decoy joke and see you got it out before I could. Good luck Shooter! Shoot a lion and I'll cut you a discount!