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    Hunting of any kind!!! My passion is Turkey Hunt'n!! Been collecting custom Turkey calls, but some how, here lately I have fall'n off the deep end on custom Predator calls. Boys must have there TOYS!!!!

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    Eastland Co. Tx
  1. Smoke'd One This Evening

    Thanks for all the compliments!!
  2. Well being it was Friday...I snuck away from work alittle early. Got in my stand about 4:45, and settled in for another evening. So far this season things have been real slow. Seen plenty of does, yearlings and small bucks, so I wasn't really expecting much. At about 6:10 is see legs heading my way under the Oak trees, so I'm thinking....here comes the first doe. Once he was out in the open and I saw horns...the ol'heart started pumping....just seeing a side view I was not sure how wide he was(we have a antler restriction here in Eastland Co., they have to be atleast 13" wide), but once he turned his head....I knew I was going to introduce him to Eleanor(my Elite GT500). I ranged him at 35yrds, waited for him to turn broadside and rested my 30yrd pin a touch high.....had to tell myself about 5 times to "RELAX...YOUR FREAK'N OUT"....man I love that feeling. After regainging my composure I settled in, took one more deep breath and sent him a FMJ. Got a complete pass thru, seen him kick up and take off around the corner out of view. With in a matter of seconds I heard him crash. It was all I could do to sit there and wait. He ended up only going about 40yrds.
  3. ticktock....did you get a answer to this??
  4. Paypal

    I agree 100% GonHuntin....but there are still some people that only want paypal payment...because for some crazy arse reason, they feel it is safer than a US Postal Money Order....go figure.
  5. Paypal

    Yes it is anti.....you just have to be very careful...seller and buyer.....to not inclued anything realting to a firearm in the deal....ie...goods or other services.
  6. Hey Bob, put me down for 3 and I'll get the check heading your way.
  7. Opinions on Production ARs

    White Oak Armament or Noveske both are great shooters!! For prarie dogs I would go with a 20" bull...it's gonna be heavy...not one to lug around the sticks with...but for bench shoot'n prarie dogs...that would be my first choice.

    Yahoooooo!! It was a tuff season no doubt!! Thanks also to Jim for taking care of it all! Thanks to Bob and TPP for letting us have all the fun!! Sly Dog, my email is headed your way!!
  9. Turkey Contest

    Hey Sly, good to see your still kick'n. Yea if my score holds out.......mark that Sly Dog Custom as MINE!!!
  10. The CoonAss Tour got a Mascot

    Man that has to be the coolest boxcall I have ever seen. "IT'S PERFECT!!"
  11. Turkey Contest

    I agree, let's hold out until we get some pix from Sly Puppy. I'll try to track him down also and see if I can't help get the pix posted.
  12. 2007 KY turkey hunt

    Congrats MommaLH, it's about time you posted up!! Nice Bird!!!
  13. Ledgends of the Spring VOL. I

    Email sent your way.
  14. Hey Sly Dog

    That sounds great. Well go ahead and put me down for a video. Just let me know how ya want the $$.
  15. Hey Sly Dog

    Man your kill'n me!! Show us some pix of the Tour!