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    Coyote, Bobcats, Hogs, and whatever other varmints come to the call, and deer hunting...

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    Gatesville TX
  1. Paw says to add him and that he will drive down and take care of his bill at that time. Says he can't wait to see y'all.
  2. Add Tinker, Benoh, and Pat. Not sure about the rest of our crew yet. Will check with my father in law.
  3. Fear of Hogpocalypse

    As I said I am not adventing for the use of this stuff. As worried as anyone. But my land owners say they have been monitoring this issue for a while and not just the last few days. I just have to wait and see how it effects them and me.
  4. Fear of Hogpocalypse

    Not advocating for this but this dose is 1/5th of what they use in rat poisoning. 0.005 is what the hog bait has. I have read the EPA's 9 page brochure and it lists all of these precautions. How to handle the poison and dispose of the dead pigs. Scares me. Says it's safe but have to remove your cattle for 90 days. Doesn't sound safe to me but at least two of my landowners are ready to use it as a tool in addition to our continued hunting.
  5. Fear of Hogpocalypse

  6. Johnny Cash....

    Well since it will be another Black Rifle the whole man in black thing...
  7. Johnny Cash....

    I will have to say that talking to Bobcat over the years did influence my choice in caliber for this build.
  8. Good Job. It's fixing to be planting season around here.
  9. 2017 TPP

    I still trying to get my last one built.
  10. Johnny Cash....

    Actually ended up with a lower parts Kit and an aero stripped Upper that were on sale.
  11. Johnny Cash....

    Well I've had my AR10 lower for a couple of years and finally found and orders me a 7mm-08 barrel. So with two parts gathered so far I figured Johnny Cash would be a good name for this gun.
  12. Another Triple

    I owe everything I know to the Posse and Jim Brooks. Ended up catching a fourth a couple of days later in the middle snare of the zigzag.
  13. Great looking shot and hog. I would have guessed around 250 plus/minus.
  14. Great looking shot and hog. I would have guessed around 250 plus/minus.
  15. Happy Anniversary

    Happy Anniversary