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  1. Pet Load for 53 gr Vmax

    Late to the party, but: 16 inch AR 15, .223, 1:9 or 1:8 twist 53gr. V-Max 25.0 XBR Rem. 7.5 Any brass Under .75 MOA out to 200yds.
  2. Need some 30-06 advice

    Varget or 4064 for both bullets I prefer 4064
  3. AR-15 Flat Top. Which scope rings to use

    RRA cantilever mount
  4. The new ar

    Very Nice
  5. I decided to Keep it

    Those RRA's are great shooters I was in the same boat this week with my SD Upper. I was all set to put it up for sale, but it shoots so darn good, I'm keeping it
  6. My New SD Upper ( Range Report Added )

    Got out today and after I zeroed @ 100 I desided to try 200 just for the Grins. Shot from my Harris Bi-pod with a sandbag rear rest. Can't wait to get it Bloody 200yds. MOA = .339 Max Spread = .710 :w00t: I wish I had a Chony, This load is shooting pretty flat. The load only dropped 1.10" and hit right .5" from where I have it Zeroed @ 100yds.
  7. My New SD Upper ( Range Report Added )

    Here is the Range Report: I have about 120 rounds down the Tube, No hick-ups :thumbup: Ran out of ammo before I could Zero it :blush: Oh' well, back to the range tomorrow to Zero it off the Bi-pod. The great thing about this load is that my RRA 16" shoots it well under MOA also :thumbup:
  8. 22 rifle

    No need to flip, Model 60 Wins hands down
  9. Firearm Accuracy

    I keep my brass sorted by head stamp. I keep the brass separated by # of times loaded. I full length resize. I clean primer pockets and debur flash holes. I chamfer the inside and outside of the cases. I trim each case to minimum specs I hand weigh each powder charge on either a beam scale. Before seating the bullets, I visually check each case to make sure that the powder level is the same. I seat the bullets to different depths to achieve the COL that I have found to be my most accurate for each bullet weight and rifle chamber. I do not crimp any bullets for any rifles. When first developing a new load I always seat the bullet to the Bullet manufactures specs, as long as the specs call for the bullet to be seated in the case at least as deep as the bullets diameter. I find this helps to keep runout to a minimum and helps ensure that the bullet starts straight in the bore. I keep detailed records, by reload and rifle, on where the first shot out of a clean, cold barrel impacts the target. I also record the temperature and wind speed and time at the range, and make notes of any variance I detect between POI at different temperatures, wind speed and position of the sun. I do not chronograph, as I sold my Chrony have not got a new one yet. I zero all my rifles at 100 yd., the take them 200-300 and record the drop with each load and use my Mil-Dot or BDC retical for the changes. I always try to determine the range, after the kill, and note where the bullet strike occurred compared to where I was holding at the time of the shot. I don't take running shots at game animals, like Mikel said "I'm not good enough".
  10. Did Some HMR Ammo Testing Today

    +1 What MikeI said, It is a great small critter blaster, under 125yds with the V-Max load it blows squirrels almost in half I have killed probably over 500 squirrels with the 17HMR. With the 20gr. XTP or FMJ loads it is a great small game cartridge to about 150yds, although I personally have not shot anything past 125yds. I would not use it for Yotes, but would not hesitate to use it on Fox and the likes, but would keep my shots under 100yds for a clean kill. Bucks the wind better than a .22 because of Volocity and BCE. Also is great for blowing up Soda cans, water jugs, can goods, etc. Just a fun Caliber
  11. 22 rifle

    Savage MKII Marlin 60 Ruger 10/22
  12. Hey All; Went to the range again today to test some ammo in my new Savage 17HMR. A few things I found out, some weird: All my previous HMR's didn't perform their best until they were nice and fouled, usually after about 20 rounds.This is the first HMR rifle I have had that shoots the same weather perfectly Clean or Dirty Was interesting to find that the Hornady XTP and the CCI Gamepoint shoot nearly indentical POI. With the accuracy edge going to Hornady. Also the CCI V-Max and the Hornady V-Max, shoot nearly indentical POI. Again, the accuracy edge going to Hornady. The CCI's tend to have a flyer here and there. 20gr. pills shoot about .5" high and .75 right of the V-Max's POI. Another thing: after shooting CCI V-Max and then switching back to Hornady V-Max, my POI drops low right for the first two shots and then recovers, I checked this a few times with the same results. Now when shooting CCI V-Max and then swithing to Hornady V-Max, POI does not change I need to pick up some Federal V-Max to try This was off the Bipod with no rear rest
  13. Just received my new SD Upper in the mail today .223 18" Middy 1:9 twist Hopefully I can get out this weekend to break it in.
  14. Recommend me a Comp/FH for Accuracy

    Thanks for the input I just may order one up
  15. Since I should soon have my new SD Upper, I need a Comp/FH for it. Upper will be a .223 wylde 18" Midlenght gas system 1:9 I was leaning toward the Battle Comp 1.0 But read a couple of posts that said it may hurt accuracy because of the solid bottom, but the A2 has a solid bottom as well. Should I just stick with a standard A2 FH ? What say you ?