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  1. Great shooting and photo as always!
  2. Happy Birthday Bob

    Happy Birthday Bob!
  3. Happy Anniversary

  4. Happy Birthday SHOOTER!

    Belated Happy Birthday to you Shooter!
  5. Happy New Year

    Happy New Year to all! My wife and I enjoyed the drive and a little time visiting with Bobby yesterday. I always enjoy looking at the photos that he posts here, but really liked the larger sizes of those that he has hanging in his shop/man cave.
  6. 7-08 for the win

    Congratulations Mark - that's a nice buck!
  7. Congratulations Bobby - I always enjoy reading about your exploits! What's the scope?
  8. Our Beloved Founder

    Another belated Happy Birthday Bob!
  9. Happy Birthday 2 Mag Sneed!

    Here's another belated Happy Birthday wish for you Brandon!
  10. Carl Barnes Happy Birthday

    Happy Belated Birthday!
  11. New close up photo

    Congratulations - that is a nice buck!
  12. Law Practice

    Congratulations Rick! Here's hoping you enjoy good health and the time you spend learning more about your metal-working interests.
  13. Buck of a Lifetime

    Congratulations - that is an impressive buck!
  14. A few photos from the game cams

    Nice deer!
  15. Happy Birthday John (4-Shot) Ryan!!

    Happy belated birthday to you sir.