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  1. CZ 453 Varmint: Czech it Out! Field and Range report, 453 Varmint in 17 HMR. This is my 5th CZ, therefore you would probably guess that I am a bit prejudiced about CZ. This new rimfire with its single set trigger is about as good as a rimfire gets. All steel and wood, ya got try one out to really tell how good they are. Looks like CZ has got another winner, to me at least. I sold my Marlin 17VS w/ a Rifle Basix trigger, a great shooter, to fund this purchase. The Marlin was a very excellent weapon, but this CZ has it all. The 453 Varmint has the short, stiff heavy barrel and a 1 in 9 twist in 17 HMR. The single set trigger is very light and crisp. The safety and action is very much the old BRNO and works well. The wood is OK, not for writing home, but not horrible. The barrel channel needs a bit of sanding for the full float I want. Range: After 100 rounds of either Federal or Hornady 17 HMR w/ 17 gr. V Max bullets it shot a 0.667” c to c, five shot, group at 100 yds from bags on Friday, June 23rd w/ little or no wind and temps in low 90’s. Two of the five shots touched. It is topped w/ Nikon Buckmaster 3X9 and this is an excellent hunting glass. A better scope would most likely result in a better group, although this is fast approaching my level of accuracy. Field: The 17 HMR for Jacks and such is now legend. Laser accuracy and total devistation on the Jack and smaller critters. There is no walk off or stagger as in a 22 LR hit, you are DRT (Dead Right There)! The 453 w/ SS trigger and short throw bolt is fast and as shown above suitably accurate for small varmint hunting.
  2. Reloading Bench

    Wolfman: I kinda sorta did both on the shelves. I did use the 2X4 basics shelf stuff to put up some rudimentary shelves. The thing was that those proved SUPER to support a piece of peg board, you will have to use some rubber washers as spacers cuz the 2X4 stuff has a lip that keeps you from a flush mount but that is no biggie. Then I bought some really cheap-O plastic shelves w/ the little trays for small stuff and used some small plastic baskets for other stuff. Kinda hard to know in advance what you're gonna need. I just went to the storage compartment section of our Ace hardware and picked up what I thought I would need, most worked, some did not.
  3. Reloading Bench

    Wolfman: I used the 2X4 Basics kit. It is really just the legs and shelving. You can make it any size you want. I made mine a full 8' long by 4' wide, but your imagination is the limit. Very solid and sturdy. Can mount or do anything on it.
  4. Lightforce

    We use one every weekend to hunt rabbits. Went from the scope mount, which you can hand hold, to the roof mount. There is not really a comparison between a Q bean and a LightForce. They are in two different leagues, one is a consumer light and the other is a professional grade piece of equipment. The output, construction and other factors are not even close. The LightForce is NOT an expensive Q beam, it is a soild piece of equipment, albeit, expensive.
  5. Heres a couple i caught sunday

    Capt: I think the Silver Rattel Trap is THE STANDARD! Where da y'all go, Ft. Phantom Hill?
  6. Heres a couple i caught sunday

    PREDATOR1OUTDOORS: If ya wann hook whites at OH Ivie, call Dave Caudle 'Fishin w/ Dave'. What a great guide. He put us on 'em and we stayed on 'em until we LOADED THE BOAT! Great Fun! Gettin' 4 of the Grandbabies and 2 SIL's together for a White run w/ Dave in next week or two! Dave Caudle 325-365-5295 crazycooter: Is that the Lake Champion near Big Spring? Been there when it was not even a wet spot. How full is it? Can you use the ramp? Another info?
  7. That TWHACK is AWESOME! I really think P Doggin' is over rated to compared to Jackin'! Many may disagree but it is cooler, as many or mabye more shoots, not movin' all the stikin time, they do not get 'knowed up' very fast and there are a TRILLION!
  8. Beavertail Grip Safety

    I am a 'high hold' and without the B. Tail the web of my hand would be hamburger! Gotta have it!
  9. Skeeter Jones

    Thank You! I have posted a link to this thread to him. Skeet sounds like a good guy to know!
  10. Oilfield strikes again, our team is out w/ work!
  11. An internet acquaintance from Oregon asked about a Monahan’s, Tx guide named Skeeter Jones. Anyone got any information?
  12. The Second Annual Great West Texas Bunny Blast is coming soon. I will post the dates and locations. Whitewolf and yard drove all the way from Houston to shoot last year and had good time. It was wet last year and not a many out, this year, so far, is very dry. Zillons are on the move and need greusome deaths at y'alls hands.
  13. NB and reagan: Wolfman is CORRECT! 1. We are in a plauge area, although no signs this year. 2. These are shot in plowed cotton fields. A brisk 50 yard out and back takes time and my ole knees find that ground tough to cover. Many more are MUCH further out, and goin' out and gettin' 'em takes to much time and energy. Some are shoot on the road, however. 3. Just never gave much thought to takin' a picture of a pile of dead jacks. A bunch have their entire guts blown out. 4. Meat market thing is same, I'd have to pick 'em up, refrigerate and ship, and again, many of those shot w/ 223 50 gr TNT will be gutted and most likey ruined. Just their greusome deaths is fun enough for this kid!
  14. Wolfman, you and Yard should see a totally different style of shooting. Ya need to get a Dillion and set it on High High crakin out those Fireballs. If it stays dry, you have never seen the like. You will need some high volume, if y'all stay out all night again, maybe 3-500 rounds. Truly amazing with this red light the amount more you see, it is scary the amout that are out there, glad they do not eat people or we'd be in trouble.
  15. Neches: If ya come out an hunt with us you would be almost scared by the amount of biomass that can live in these pastures. God did surely make the earth and all in it because there is too much diversity living in amounts that are huge to believe. I left out that in the second field got to observe a Yote workin the tall wheat for cotton tails, truly a thrilling site to see him jumping and bounding in the wheat to catch one.