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    Grandkids (4), firearms, reloading and a bit of photography keep me pretty busy.

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  1. New Posse Facebook Group

    "Facebook isn't as bad as some think . I pretty much post the same stuff on facebook that I do here , but I do get a little political on facebook and sometimes use foul language towards idiots." A little??????? Bennie that is like saying Attila the Hun is a bit right of center. But we love ya brother.
  2. lightning is not your friend!!

    ......".before the electrician got here, the garbage disposal switch would turn the den light on and off!! ​" That would be hilarious if not for the extreme seriousness of the whole situation. Glad you were home and able to mitigate your fire loss. Good luck with the insurance. Hope you are as lucky as I was when my home got hit by a tornado. The adjustor was very kind and understanding with our losses.
  3. Happy Easter

    Happy Easter to you and all of the TPP.
  4. SB Polar scores 1st kill

    WTG Bobby!!
  5. morning view from the front door

    Bobby you are blessed for sure.
  6. Brady hog

  7. Happy Birthday Bob

    Ditto. Hope it's the best yet.
  8. Eye Candy

    Bless your heart. I would love them no doubt. If you will send them, I would be glad to reimburse you for the shipping. A knife maker never has enough wood I have found out.
  9. Eye Candy

    Looking good. I sure would like another hunt like you, Steve, Jason and I went on.
  10. Gander Mtn

    I remember when GM filed bankruptcy years ago and sold their mail order business to Cabelas. When they came back their prices were sky high and the absolute last place I would spend money if someone else had the product I was interested in. I don't think GM ever recovered or revisited their business model.
  11. My first, and hopefully not last, auodad

    WTG!! The country looks challenging for sure.
  12. Montana Hunting

    Wonderful vista.
  13. this "Revolution" is really a subtle change

    Looking good. I can't wait for the "test".
  14. Joe's Arky Yoter Pocket Pal

    That's them!!
  15. Another One Again

    Well OP, I was gladdened to hear your "stroke" was intact and on par for the course. A good lie is important in getting up and down. Since I am not a golfer, that exhausts my golf lingo. Suffice it to say I would consider some alternatives to a golf club in combating your infestation of rattlesnakes. A large automatic shotgun is my first choice. Good luck. You may want to get Capt KB down there for some expert help.