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  1. Some Calls

    Well, thanks anyways folks, but these calls are no longer available.... I've decided just to give them away. Krusty
  2. Some Calls

    Bob, Thanks for the endorsement. Photos as promised; Krusty
  3. Some Calls

    These calls are still available.... which, to me, is kinda shocking!?! I'll knock $10 off the price of the cherry calls, they can shipped anywhere for $50 apiece. The walnut call stands at $60, which I honestly think is a great deal for a working piece of art. I'll post better pics tomorrow evening. Thanks again for looking, Krusty
  4. Some Calls

    First I'd like to apologize for the picture quality, or lack of it. I have three calls for sale, two made of cherry, and one English walnut. All three are engraved with the Krusty Kriers logo, and sound better than they look. For those of you unfamiliar with my work, these are hand carved (not turned on a lathe) one at a time, and no two calls are exactly the same. Each of these calls are priced at $60.00 to your door, delivered anywhere in the US (shipping outside the US will be slightly more). Thanks for looking, Krusty
  5. Call Maintenance

    I stopped by Tractor Supply the other day, since the old castration bands I had were looking a little rough... and bought a new bag. Anyone that needs new bands, or a new set of reeds for the call for calls I made them, just let me know and I'd be glad to take care of it. I'll pay for the shipping at my end and do my best to keep turn around time to a minimum. Thanks, Krusty
  6. Back in the saddle

    I'm making calls, again, if you're interested let me know. Thanks Krusty
  7. Hey Remember Me

    "Hows everybody? been killin any?" Sly, I've been better. And yeah, since you dropped off the radar even Ol' Krusty has killed a few. Krusty
  8. Fixed Blade Knife Sheath

    So Gary... I see you've added your knife sheath to your product line, and that it says it's "lined to prevent cutting of the webbing or the stitching thread". What material did you settle on? Krusty
  9. The Predator Hunting Talkcast

    How long is this show? (*I have very limited internet access time) I don't understand the public land access process, in this state, at all. Krusty
  10. Whats the rules?

    Bob, I was told that exemption applies to "land managers", and lessees, as well. And I mentioned it for as much as any other reason, that we as hunters should help with these types of problems when we can. I often got myself contracted as a land manager, in my nuisance control business, because I could better serve the client as such. Shooter, When I was here in September, I got the short term non-resident license to hunt depredating hogs, on the better safe than sorry theory. So, you don't have to type in large bold letters to make your point with me. Now, I'm a resident... Krusty *Edit to fix smilies
  11. Whats the rules?

    "Exceptions: a hunting license is not required to hunt the following: * Coyotes, if the coyotes are attacking, about to attack, or have recently attacked livestock, domestic animals, or fowl." Krusty
  12. Time to rebuild

    Kurt, Atta boy! Thanks for joining in on this. Krusty
  13. Fixed Blade Knife Sheath

    Gary, Consider it done, since I'm on my way to the Post Office now. No thanks necessary, it's really no big deal. Krusty P.S. I found some of the .020" thick stuff, and I sent it and some aluminum, by Priority Mail, so you should have it by Monday or Tuesday.
  14. Help a new Texan

    Bob, Gee, obviously, my sense of humor isn't coming through in text. I never meant to imply anyone was being "smart". And the Globe thing was and is a huge joke, to me. Oh well, I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving, and good hunting. Krusty
  15. Fixed Blade Knife Sheath

    Gary, I'll just post here, if ya don't mind, that way everyone interested can follow along. I use Lexan for reeds, on the calls I make, and I buy it in 24" x 48" sheets. There's two thicknesses, .010" and .015" (though I might have some .020" laying around). And I give out free sample packs, of a few different materials, to use for reeds on calls (to call makers and callers alike). *So if anyone needs some reed materials, let me know. I figure you deserve the same offer, a free "sample". And, you're welcome to it, it's my pleasure. Let me know how long and wide the sheath is, and your shipping address, and I'll stick some of both the materials I mentioned in an envelope, and send it your way. *Incidentally, I have a Schrade fillet knife that has a piece of aluminum (very similar to what I have on a roll) slipped inside the sheath. That's why I thought of it. Krusty