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  1. sierra blanca tx, March 18-19

    FYI You will have to have a hunting license..
  2. A Few Open Reeds

    I cant wait to get it!
  3. Eye Candy

    Very nice!
  4. First Bobcat

    Very nice kitty. Great job!
  5. Sarge's New Leupold VX-R Patrol

    Very nice!
  6. 5,000 Members!!

    Very cool!
  7. Happy Birthday SHOOTER!

    Happy Birthday!
  8. His First

    Great job on the bow kill!
  9. 2016 Idaho hunt

    I want to say a huge thank you to Sly Gipson ( Sly Dog) for putting up with Kitt Woody and myself the last 6 days. The weather and dogs did not cooperate but we learned a lot. Idaho has some great public land to hunt and a lot of it. Sly had access to thousands of acres of private land. The ranches up there are huge and the terrain is unlike anything we have hunted before. I won a couple of Slys calls at the 2007 Rondy. We have been friends for a long time and this was the first time we got to shake hands. This true friendship and hunt would have never occurred had I not joined up with the Posse. Sly is a great man and I am honored to call him my friend. Timbo
  10. Your Longest Shot Ever

    243 yards on a yote and 275 yards on a 5 point ( 5 0n the left main beam and a 4 inch stub on the other) Both were shot with a 220 Swift, 53 grain Barnes bullets.
  11. I'll waltz right back in here...

    Dang Bennie! You sure know how to run them off! I wonder why he has a burr under his saddle? To group or dislike people in any occupation because of a few bad apples is wrong in my book. I personally knew and worked with a Deputy Sheriff who killed our Assistant DA, he was evil but I do not put other Deputy Sheriffs in the same boat. Hope he did not feel the same way toward Firefighters.
  12. Super RedHawk .44 Mag

    I have had good luck running Leupold 2X and 4X pistol scopes on a TC in 357 Herrett and a Ruger Super Blackhawk in 44Mag.
  13. My New 1911 10mm

    Awsome weapon and caliber! The 10MM is a beast, I have a Glock 20 and it packs a punch.
  14. At the property yesterday

    Agree with Bennie, i would put a stand there in a heartbeat. Great location and pictures.
  15. Wife Update

  16. Little man does it again!!!

  17. Update on the wife's situation

    Praying for yall..
  18. Emergency Alert-Posse Help Needed

    The check was loaded on the Kaufman mail wagon today, if the mules can make good time you should get it soon.
  19. Sick Wife

    Praying, stay strong.
  20. Happy Birthday Bobcat

    Happy Birthday!
  21. New T Shirt

    Very nice!
  22. Shilen 2015 Swap Meet

    Shilen is doing it again this year. April 23, 2016 8-2 in Ennis Texas. I will be there early as I am wanting a 30 caliber barrel.. They sell barrels that customers have changed their minds on. They are very reasonably priced too!