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  1. Opinions, Please!

    You need to drop the 30 round mag and go ahead and start running a beta mag. You never know when the extra 70 rounds will come in handy.
  2. Advice on a .308 win

    I would say not. Just to be on the side this of safety.
  3. DYI Lighted Nocks

    I found this. Its a quick & cheap way to make lighted nocks. I'm all about cheap these days. http://forums.mathewsinc.com/archery-4/stickies-29/making-lighted-nocks-with-pics-70292/
  4. Shooting Mats...any leads on an entry level cheapy?

    I'm not going to be able to make the Rondy this year. As much as I would like to. I had a big shake up in my life and I just don't see being able to make it.
  5. Shooting Mats...any leads on an entry level cheapy?

    I don't have anything to compare them to. But they are really nice. They have two types of canvas on them. One is just canvas the other has more of a rubbery grip on it. The bottom is all the rubbery side. The top only has it where your knees an elbows would be. Rolls up has a carry handle and I think they came with a shoulder strap. But I havent a clue where I put mine. I dont think you will be dissapointed with one of the Midway shooting mats.
  6. Shooting Mats...any leads on an entry level cheapy?

    I have a pair of the Midway branded ones. I really like them, but Ive never used any other brand. If you watch you can catch them on sale for a good price.
  7. my 2010 posse AR

    Good looking rig!!
  8. 300 AAC Blackout

    At this point I deburred the cases. put them in the block and hit them with the lube. One loaded for resizing. After resizing. Final trim Deburred and anealed ready to be primed and loaded
  9. 300 AAC Blackout

    I took a few pictures while I was making the 300 blackout brass out of 223 brass. The first thing is you need to cut the end off right behind the shoulder. I used a Mini cut off saw from Harbor Freight. I made a holder for the brass. I took two sections of 1x4 and drilled a 3/8 hole down the center of them. I put a stop on the saw so I would be making the same cut every time.
  10. Time for a change

  11. First Robin Hood

    You really should move back futher than 10 yards!! Good shot!
  12. Time for a change

    Parts got here this morning. It went from a pistol to a 16" carbine in 300ACC Blackout. I should have the rest of the accessories on it tomorrow at lunch.
  13. rattler mount all finished

    Looks good. But that just makes me nervous!
  14. Time for a change

    The AR pistol I build was a fun gun. But time for a change, parts should be showing up tomorrow.
  15. NEF HandiRifle or Savage Axis?

    I've had a few NEF's over the years all were good shooters. The nice thing is you can send the frame back and have it fitted with different caliber barrrels.