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  1. HunterTed and TimberToes, Sorry I haven't been around here much. I just caught wind of your hunt last night. (Thanks for the call Bryan, ) Anyways I went to about 12 contests last year and put one on here in VanAlstyne. I'm with everyone else on your point system. I have killed alot of grey fox and they are easy to call. I have called in several in this area. Actually Timbertoes has seen two that I have mounted that were shot in Westin, Collin Co. And I called in 27 cats winter before last. Bryan has also seen a couple of those I have mounted. Also I would not have coons. I went to a hunt last year where someone brought in 60 something coons. They could not have called them all in. If I was so inclined I could drive around all night shining trees and fill the back of my pickup up with coons. That aside I would make it a set price by team. And make it 2 to 4 people per team. Don't allow solo hunters, they are most of the time just spotlighters. Also I would call Randolf McGee, the game warden and let him know what ya'll are doing. He's a nice guy and he'll find out anyway and show up like he did at mine. You might as well invite him. Last thing you didn't mention where the check in is on the flyer I saw. Here's a copy of my rules from last year. And they are pretty well the same every hunt I've been to... Van Alstyne, TX Varmint Calling Contest Check In and Weigh In @ Squirrel Creek Skeet Ranch Check In: Saturday February 28, 2004 3:30 Pm to 4:00 PM Start: Saturday February 28, 2004 4:00 Pm Weigh in: Sunday February 29, 2004 9:00 Am (All teams must be entered no later than 4:00 Pm – all entries will close promptly at 4:00 Pm) Entry Fee: $100.00 per team ( 2 to 4 members per team) – Enters your team in point totals and three heavy animal pots. (Coyote, Bobcat & Fox) $70 of each $100 goes into total point pot, which will pay 1st and 2nd places. (1st = %70 2nd = %30) $30 of each $100 will enter each team into Coyote, Bobcat, and Fox heavy animal categories. Winner takes all. *Rules: * All team members must be present at check in * Clock at Squirrel Creek is official time for start and end of contest * Weigh in will be at 9:00 Am Sunday using clock at Squirrel Creek, if you are one minute late or more you will be disqualified, no excuses * Heaviest animal ( regardless of species ) breaks any ties * One calling ( hunting ) vehicle per team is allowed * No pooling of animals between teams * No frozen animals * No trapped or snared animals * No firearm is allowed out of vehicle at check in or weigh in * Each team is responsible for disposal of their own animals * All Federal and State laws are to be followed * No cheating * Judges decision on any and all matters is final Points as Follows: Coyote 32 pts. Bobcat 23pts. Fox (red or gray) 11pts. Directions to Location: I-75 to Howe, exit FM 902 and drive approximately 1.7 miles west. Turn left onto Farmington Rd. and drive approximately 3.4 miles. Turn right onto Loftice and drive approximately .8 mile. Squirrel Creek Skeet Ranch entrance is on the left. Call 903-482-0576 or 903-819-6438 or email Justin247tx@aol.com with any questions ***** Any hunter entered in contest must obey all applicable Texas Laws and Regulations. No Alcoholic Beverages permitted during hunt, registration, check in, weigh in, etc… Persons involved in running contest cannot be held legally or monetarily responsible for any situations ( accidents, fines, etc…) which may arise due to entering this contest. It is the hunter’s responsibility to know and abide by all applicable laws and regulations involved in Texas hunting. By entering this contest and paying entry fee, contestant agrees in full to this statement. ***** If ya'll have any questions or need any help give me a call. Later, Justin
  2. The TX state record bobcat was taken by a man named Harry White. He runs a hunting ranch about 40miles N. of DelRio. His cat was 46 lbs. He has it mounted in his house and it is a huge cat. The mount is terrible though. Looks like he was hit by a car. Harry said it was too big for a bobcat form and too small for a Mt. Lion so they just screwed him up. I'll be down there this weekend hunting Turkeys, I can't get a pic of it for ya'll. Later, Justin
  3. I thought my ears were burnin. Randy & Brian, Maybe all three of us can get out there to Denton or somewhere around here and do a little shining. Either send me an email or give me a call and we'll work something out. They are pairing up right now but I don't think taking a couple would put too big of a dent in the population. Later, Justin