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  1. Sarge's New Leupold VX-R Patrol

    Sorry no pictures I just didn't want to walk that far (again)
  2. Sarge's New Leupold VX-R Patrol

    Thanks bobcat I'm challenged being as I only have a phone now. Yes I found a smoking hot deal on a Leupold vxr 3x9x40 patrol with their tmr reticle which is a modified mil dot the neat thing is the dials are calibrated to the reticle making it a mil mil scope.Now I'm trying to remember mil calibrations
  3. Happy Birthday SHOOTER!

    Happy B day Doug
  4. I had just gotten into the stand and within 15min these two came in I got to break in my new Savage 7x57mm it was a good start 2 shots 2deer. Was great meeting some old friends and some new ones
  5. Couple of Questions about Cleaning Brass Cases

    I've done the same thing as Bonnie for years now, I only run the loaded ammo for about 15 to 20 min not for hours like when cleaning brass
  6. Well it"s not a 7-08 but....

    real old world craftmanship,brass bullets and dies will be in by the weekend.(specal thank's to GH for die's)
  7. Youth Shotgun

    IMO I second the Remington Youth 11-87 20ga,I have one and I confess I like shooting it much more than anything else.In the youth configuration it has a buttstock that is adjustable for length and a 21in bbl to me it handles like a wand.
  8. Sign me up check will be in the mail
  9. First Coyote Hunt

    Too funny
  10. Coffee Lovers Psychopaths?

    Too Funny
  11. CZ P-01

    amigo that was a 75 compact.I have since got a P01 The major differences are the P01 has an aluminum frame vs the 75 steel frame (a bit easer to carry) it also has a decocker instead of a safety ,now that I've had it a while I like it a lot. As far as the trigger the only thing I've done is shoot the heck out of it and it smooth's out a lot.However the CZ custom shop does offer an upgrade that I've heard is a dramatic improvement over the stock trigger pull.
  12. CZ P-01

    Yessir have one tucked in my belt right now.also have a 75 compact in the center console.I like them enough I got one for my Niece and her daughter.
  13. Snake Boot Recall!

    Uhh ....................I don't think so................