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  1. 29th Posse Hog Hunt-Report

    Posse hunts are always a blast!
  2. Such a fun hunt with a great group. Had to smile when I saw my wife's pic up above. Would love to go again but I'll be bowhunting the Lincoln ranch for hogs and javies just a few weeks before this trip. Maybe me and the wife can make the late summer hog hunt.
  3. This buck is special to me. It's my first with my .44 Blackhawk, and it's the first kill from the land we bought back in Febuary. Hunting time was more precious than in years past now that I have a 2 month old at home. I'm blessed to have a wife who told me to keep hunting even tho she's not getting any sleep with an infant with a cold and working 12 hour shifts. So I definitely owe her a lot. Hopefully a good supply of burger and roasts make up for it! Thanks for looking guys. Hope the pic turns out good...had a tough time resizing it. Cam
  4. The things people do…….

    Just wait till the next posse hunt we end up on. You might get a look at the "skinned pheasant"!
  5. baby on board

    It's not necessarily for other people. Lots of times it's a reminder to the parent not to forget that they have a baby on board. Better to look like a fool to to others than to forget your baby's sleeping in the backseat I guess.
  6. The things people do…….

    So we are gonna judge people who don't wear pants outside now huh? Well at least this time it wasn't me!
  7. Got a buck last nite

    Thank you Bobby. Nothing really spectacular. I have a brush blind built on the edge of a meadow where several high speed trails come together. I dumped a bag of rice bran and put out a mineral block to stop em. He came out as I was standing up and stretching my back so I had to slowly sit down and pick my peice back up. I had had several close encounters with his twin who has a broken off right antler. I wanted to make sure it wasn't him so when he raised his head up and I verified he was intact, I eased the trigger back, centered the post and dropped the hammer. Last I saw of him he was running low with his tail down and disappeared into the treeline. Heard him running thru the dead cedars, stop then heard a loud crash. The shot from my blind to where be stood was about 40 yards and from where he stood to where he died was about 60 yards. As for loads, again, nothing special. My cylinder is loaded with Hornady 240 grain XTP and 300gr XTP. Factory ammo...I don't shoot this gun enough to handload. This was the first time this pistol was fired since a posse hunt in august 2012. Bullet entered and removed a thumb sized peice of the heart . Never found an exit hole or the round. Cam
  8. That's cool man! I just got into kayak fishing myself with a Slayer Propel and really like it. Mostly bass and drifting for catfish. Probably won't take it into the saltwater but plan on having a manual kayak someday to fish for reds in the flats or anything at the rigs. Cool video man!
  9. You guys have a great time this weekend! Some unforseen issues have got in the way of me and milanns plans to make this hunt, but we hope to jump in on the next one. I expect plenty of stories and pics on Monday yall!! Cam
  10. Me and Milann will be there. Deposits will be in the mail tomorrow.
  11. Another fun Day at Squaw Creek

    Nice haul Bennie!
  12. Jeff Thomason

    Wear those death threats as a badge of honor!
  13. Just gotta go to Walmart and gander mountain and ask for the hog license is what I do.
  14. Wait a minute now! Don't count me out just yet!
  15. Glad to see Ryan is hunting that place again. I'm gonna try to get in on this place again. Wife will probably wanna go too.
  16. a little lesson in history...

    The only thing the frogs are good for. http://www.pgmprecision.com/en/
  17. 5th Posse Javelina & Predator Hunt??

    I'm planning on taking the first week of bow season off. If I got enough time off coming, I'd love to go. I wouldn't mind at all picking someone up or HOPPING IN WITH SOMEONE WHO HAS A BIGGER TRUCK (hint hint). I'll even pony up for a couple tanks of gas and some of those fart enducing kolaches. The way I eat kolaches...you've never sausage a thing in your life! I'll keep the sausage jokes to a minimum tho. Sausage jokes are the wurst.
  18. Air Guns for backyard critters

    Deadeye68... From what I've understood, there a big performance difference in using CO2 in a PCP, and not for the better. Lower velocities and less shots per tank I believe....as well as a risk of valve lock in a rifle that isn't meant to be shot using co2. The pyramid airgun website has a really good explanation about what happens when you fill a PCP airgun with co2..they used a lot of big words but it didn't make this okie wanna do it! Cam
  19. 5th Posse Javelina & Predator Hunt??

    Man I'd love to go. Just wish it wasn't a 12 hour ride by myself!
  20. Air Guns for backyard critters

    Don't blame you, I had an RWS Diana for years that, even before i dislocated my shoulder, it was a pain to cock. Plus the spring guns are so much louder. My dad is about to use scuba tanks to fill his guns with, but one place wanted him to have a dive card before theyd sell to him. But I think he found one that doesn't. It sure beats the hand pump I'm sure.
  21. Air Guns for backyard critters

    I think you can deal with nuisance animals by any means in any numbers, you just can't keep em. That's my rule anyway. I'm not gonna let a squirrel chew my house up and get away with it. I have an AirArms S200. Paid extra to get an upgraded suppressor. I snipe all sorts of critters in the backyard and nobodies none the wiser. When I feed the chickens I'll throw a bit of grain in the run for the mice, then return with my green Kill Light, a lawnchair and some beers and pass some time before going to bed. Also fun to find bridges where pigeons hang out and knock a few down.
  22. Hey, I'm just glad it wasn't my shooting. When a couple guys went to the range before the first hunt, I thought "Maybe I should do that too..."
  23. Always a great time with a lot of fun. All I got to listen to on the 9 hour ride home was about my wife's pig and my misses due to the loose scope mounts! Can't wait to go again!