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  1. NW Panhandle Pd report

    Ranchdog, Wheatlage harvest is winding down, Wheat harvest won't start good for another couple of weeks. lots of truckers are sitting around idle if you can find tanker trailers I reckon we can talk a few of them into a road trip. Everybody else, it has been a busy year. I can only remember two times in the last 15 months that I have been outside with a firearm in my hands. things are slowing down a little and I am starting realize what's missing, especially seeing so many maggots on the move. I have been on the website a lot more than it things show. Dagnab computer has the same memory problems I do. It has trouble remembering my username and password. It just got old having to sign in every time I get on. Think I may have that straightened out. If so you may be able to find evidence of my lurking around a little more often. if not it may be time for a new machine. HP
  2. First a report on our country. After 12 years of drought, we have already received just over 12 inches of our normal 17 inches of annual moisture (We have received 17 inches only once in the last 12 years and that year included 46 inches of snow). I heard we have now been upgraded from extreme drought to moderate drought. If you guys down south are tired of all that wet, we would be glad to accept any you can send us. Now to the Pds. I keep getting questions like are the Pds coming back yet? The standard answer is they are like roaches, they started coming back the next day after the last one died. There are a few small colonies that landowners apparently haven't found or aren't working to control. Over the last two weeks I have seen about a dozen Pds out traveling and three startup colonies where I hadn't seen any for several years . About this time of the summer last years surviving pups that aren't needed to maintain the local population are forced out to start new colonies or replenish other colonies that need help. I am still working to keep ours under control because several of our pastures have more weeds than grass and may need two or three years like this one to fully recover. The old dead Pd holes are still obvious because they have two to three foot tall Kochia weeds and Russian thistle growing on them while surrounding vegetation is about one half to one third that tall. My nephews went out to do some shooting the other day and got to shoot about 30 to 45 minutes before the Pds wised up (and I think that was from at least two locations). We are still several years away from having enough shootable numbers to justify a trip up, but if you are coming through and want to take a break and sling a little lead I can probably find a place or two that would accommodate one or two shooters for a few minutes. Problem is with the growth it can be hard to see them at much of a distance, 150 yards may be a long shot. They will be back just like Arnold. I hope they do not get quite so bad as last time and will give the pastures plenty of time to recover before they do. HP
  3. OP I don't know any way to put rational in with liberal, elitist, bigot, hatemonger, and/or Democrat. And it is not just killing millions of babies, but doing it for profit, and then having to advocate granting certain citizenship rights to millions of illegal aliens because we need them to replace those babies who never got a chance to grow up. There is a lot of irrationality in the way our country operates now days. HP
  4. OP That may be where they got the idea. Prolife groups have been setting up Pregnancy Crisis Centers where they try to convince the mother to have the child. The proabortionists are having fits because it cuts in to their cashflow. They have been trying to shut down the prolifers, make them advertise that they don't offer abortions, etc. Can't get a link to work but you can find it by searching "Prolife Pregnancy Crisis Centers, NARAL"
  5. Three Short Sentences

    You need to remember that these concepts are promoted by the same groups that tell us that it is a terrible thing to injure any living creature, unless it is a human that has not been lucky enough to get out its mothers womb, then all manner of torture may be visited upon it. Those protected creatures include all manner of human monsters who have committed terrible crimes. The rest of us should go to all kinds of trouble to keep them alive in prison. These are the same people who want all law abiding gun owners to give up their firearms to make it safer for robbers, thieves, rapists, terrorists, and thugs to ply their chosen trade. Hey! Wait a minute! Why don't those criminals get lumped in with the lunatics? HP
  6. Texas Rancher

    Bennie Quit giving away our tricks! HP
  7. Southerners

    OP The southern counterpart to "snowbirds" may not have a catchy name yet but they are out there. We see them coming through this part of the state every May heading to the mountains of New Mexico or Colorado and returning in September. A neighbor of ours about thirty years ago joined both groups when he retired. he spent his summers at South Fork, Colorado and his winters at Lake Amistad. HP
  8. Dogs around Lubbock

    My daughter and her family live at Abernathy. I have seen a town at the Abernathy airport. I imagine it would be hard to get permission to shoot those, but it is an indication there are some around if someone wants to do some scouting. HP
  9. how Do You guys get Your hunting license?

    Joerg, If you check the "Outdoor Annual" page 24, General Information About Licenses, you will find that there are about 1700 places to purchase a license in person in Texas (in my home county there is no sporting goods store or feed store selling licenses so they are available at the County Courthouse). It is also possible to purchase many of our licenses by phone or on line directly from Parks and Wildlife. Hunter Education is covered on page 30. You say you have always visited the US when there was no hunting season . I say you always visited the wrong states. If you read page 76, Nongame Animals and page 77, Exotic Animals, you will see that the season on these species is open 365 days a year in Texas and for some that is 24 hours a day. Unfortunately not all states are so generous or trusting. HP
  10. mr bronchitis

    Several of those sound like they should be ITIS sisters. Shouldn't be too much chance of npbb getting run over by them. HP
  11. Need Ya'lls Opinion

    tu Math must be different from Aggie math, we learned that 82 minus 12 is 70. Hope both Kailyn and Genny have a great birthday!
  12. Disturbing Airgun show on PRST

    They also can spread coccidiosis, a protazoal infestation of the intestine that affects a number of species including cattle, chickens, and dogs. They can be a nuisance around cattle feedlots due to rapid spread of the disease among large numbers of cattle. HP
  13. http://hotair.com/archives/2013/08/07/colorado-landlord-to-marine-get-rid-of-your-guns-or-get-out/ Gut-check time for gun-loving conservatives: We’re dealing with a private landlord here, not a state actor, in which case does the Marine have any argument that his Second Amendment rights trump the owner’s property rights? Businesses can ban guns from their premises, no? Why can’t a landlord? I can’t find a statutory reference to “reasonable regulations” mentioned in the clip; maybe it’s a common-law standard under Colorado’s landlord-tenant jurisprudence. It does make sense, though, that the landlord’s power to set the rules for his property even if they require tenants to forfeit a constitutional right or two isn’t absolute. Case in point: What if the landlord demanded that tenants sign a new rider to their lease declaring that they won’t vote in the next election? Hard to believe a court would enforce it. It would, presumably, be struck on grounds that it’s against public policy. The gun issue is different, though, because there’s a safety argument to be made. If a landlord’s jittery about being sued over a potential accidental shooting on the property, is that unreasonable? Bottom line: The market should handle this. The Marine will, I bet, have no trouble landing a new pad once gun-rights-supporting property owners in the area hear about it. And his current landlord obviously isn’t keen on the publicity this is getting, per their no-comment to the station. If you’re going to risk the bad PR involved in a gun ban, especially with someone as sympathetic as an elderly serviceman on the other side, be sure that it’ll be good for your bottom line. Update: That was fast. Board members decided that the policy, which would have prohibited residents from having firearms in their homes, will not go into effect. The Douglas County Housing partnership owns Oakwood Apartments in Castle Rock. It was purchased with federal funds and is supported by local, state, and federal tax dollars . “These community policy changes were distributed without the knowledge or authorization of the Board of Directors of the Douglas County Housing Partnership or its staff,” a Douglas County Housing Partnership release said. “This board does not support any action that infringes on an individual’s rights and will not allow Ross Management to implement these changes. The mission of the Douglas County Housing partnership is to preserve and develop safe, secure, quality housing while providing housing choices for those who have few.” So it is a state actor after all. Not only was there bad publicity afoot here, there was, potentially, a Second Amendment lawsuit in the offing. No wonder they backtracked. HP
  14. TPWD/TWA Pronghorn Youth Hunt

    From the Amarillo Globe News by Kevin Welch A state agency and private conservation group have paired up to teach some of their values to youths through a hunting program in the Dalhart area. Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and the Texas Wildlife Association are offering kids across the state a chance to participate in their first official pronghorn youth hunt. It has two main purposes. “Mostly, it’s to get young people outdoors and for them to learn the role hunting plays as a tool for conservation,” said Chris Mitchell, operations coordinator of the TWA’s Texas Youth Hunting Program. “Also, landowners don’t have as much luck with hunters taking antler-less or female pronghorn as they do with them taking bucks. “Our young people come in not as interested in trophy animals,” Mitchell said. “I’m sure if one walked out in front of them, they wouldn’t hesitate, but it’s really about taking their first one.” The antelope herds in Dallam and Hartley counties are so robust, TPWD has done two recent transfers of about 200 animals each time to the Trans-Pecos region of Texas to rebuild herds there and trim herds here. “The hunting permits issued to landowners are based on surveys Parks and Wildlife have done for management of herds that determine how many animals need to be removed to maintain optimum populations,” Mitchell said. Children ages nine to 17 from anywhere in Texas can go to www.tyhp.org to apply for the hunts. Landowners with pronghorn hunt permits in the Dalhart area who want to donate them to the program can contact TPWD Biologist Achi Treptow at joachim.treptow@tpwd.texas.gov or call 806-249-1818, according to a news release. Those wanting to participate on Oct. 4-6 will have to prove they have finished hunter education classes. They will be supervised in the field by hunt masters, but a parent must attend. “This is a little different because they will be out in the field most of the day,” Mitchell said. “So the educational work we’ll have to do outside. We normally do it inside between hunts.” The groups have worked in the past on hunts for deer, feral hogs, dove and waterfowl. Ranchers, wildlife managers and hunters formed TWA in 1985 to promote conservation, management and enhancement of wildlife and its habitat, according to the group’s website HP .
  15. Has your Hard Drive Crashed?

    Not only can they back up your files, but they are helping with the budget deficit! Who says the Oblama administration isn't doing anything to help our nation. HP