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  1. Posse Lower Receivers

    Bobcat - I want one for 2016 with the Limited Edition # of 22 please.
  2. The GC300 Outlaw eCaller Sling

    I like that but need on for a Shockwave. Can you help me with that request?
  3. Gun Light Recommendations

    Coyote Light as Venatic says. The best out there!!
  4. New Rifle Choices

    Look at a 6mm DTI by Dedicated Technologies (Dtech).
  5. Need Help Finding Gun!

    I'm glad to help when I can. I'm glad you found one and if I can help in the future please let me know. dkhnt
  6. Need Help Finding Gun!

    Nechesbobcat - I looked on a distributor's website and see that they do not have any but if you willg ive me the Browning stock # I will get busy and find you one. The cost on the few that I have found (and are out of stock) is $489 ... dealer cost and brand new in the factory box. I will give you the same deal but you'll have to pay shipping to a local FFL holder or you can come to the Tyler, TX area and you can fill out the paperwork and get the gun. If you are interested in me helping you find the gun that you are looking for please forward the information that I need and asked for above via a PM and I will be glad to help. dkhnt
  7. Lowers

    Got mine today as well.
  8. Lowers

    UPS tried to delivery mine yesterday but we missed them. I'll definitely get it today but haven't decied what I'm going to build yet.
  9. 2010 Limited Edition Custom Posse AR-15 Lowers

    Bob - Can you not order more than 40? PM sent.
  10. NEW Custom AR-15 Posse Lowers????

    I'm in for a couple ... maybe more depending on the cost. Bob, who made the last ones and what was the cost of the 1st run? Would we be getting a stripped lower just like the one in the photo and then we'd build it up from there? How many different manufacturers did you contact to make them? Sorry for so many questions ... Chris