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  1. AR 15 new build

    Nice rifle. I have spent some time on my hands and knees looking for pins and springs. Which it makes it convenient because I usually end up asking the man upstairs for help in finding the buggers.
  2. Ever Heard of a Bump Stock?

    OP - I remember when those first came out. I agree with you that they are useless, unless your only goal is to waste a lot of ammo. Along the same lines I remember seeing videos of guys "bump" firing the AK's with them slung low down by their hip. You can empty a mag pretty quick, but what are you hitting.
  3. Rebel Silencers

    Especially if President Trump will remove the NFA tax status. I am really intrigued with their design. Cleaning is easier, and applying a grease coating to make for a "wet" suppressor is easy and should be very neat to perform. If it wasn't for the tax stamp, I would be ordering one right now.
  4. Nice shot. Way to go.
  5. Bass Pro and Cabela's

    I agree with others, I think it is best for us consumers if they stay separate and competitors. The snag to the deal has to do with the Cabela's credit card company. Capital One is suppose to buy the credit card business, but federal regulators most likely will not be able to approve that deal very quickly so that Capital One can take over the Cabela's card by the date the Bass Pro-Cabela's buyout is supposed to be completed. If the credit card business isn't completed by then, each party has the right to withdraw from the buyout. If both sides still want the deal, then they will probably extend the deadline date.
  6. Brady hog

    Thank you Bobby. It was a fun morning.
  7. Brady hog

    Lucky enough to have a vendor I deal with who has a 10,000 acre company lease in Brady. We came down yesterday (Friday) to hog hunt the weekend. At 7:15 this morning this blond boar made an appearance. My 6.5 Creedmoor dropped him in his tracks with a neck shot. Another thru and thru for the 129 great SST bullet. My vendor rep is having a blast and is promising me a return visit next deer season. This place is a MLD III ranch, and they have some pretty decent bucks. Sadly I forgot my new Leupold binoculars at home. Was really looking forward to putting them thru their paces and be able to give an honest review of how they perform at dawn and dusk.
  8. My first, and hopefully not last, auodad

    Sweet way to go.
  9. Need a little more help on case cleaning

    Do you add any polish to the media?
  10. New Binoculars

    Yea I won. I am one of the winners of Camerland NY optics store monthly drawing. I won a pair of Leupold BX-2 Tioga 10 x 42 binoculars. These are supposed to be optimized for dawn & dusk use. I will be sure to let everyone know how they perform when they come in. :biggrin:
  11. Another One Again

    Well OP, I myself love to shoot, hunt and to play golf. Wedges are my favorite, because they are the scoring clubs. In college a life time ago, I lived in a rather run down house, that in winter time would be infested with large rats. I took out a big one with a 5 iron, because that was what was handy. I can only imagine the rush of taking out a rattler with a wedge. Good job. Now if we can only manage to combine firearms with golf, that could be some fun. Assuming you can avoid taking out the bloke in the group in front who has to take 20 practice swings for every shot.
  12. My first Aoudad

    CityslickerHunter - I asked around, and no one had any hard recommendations on how to have the meat processed. So when I dropped it off at the processor and just said do the standard butcher job. Steaks, roast and the rest ground.
  13. 2017 Axis Bucks

    Nice going. I got to enjoy some Axis steaks this weekend, and that's good eating.
  14. My first Aoudad

    Thanks guys. I really wanted to bag an Axis. We had a group show up each evening at the feeder by the house. The big buck was in velvet, so no go. My friend did take an Axis doe. I passed on an doe Friday evening at 150 yards because I couldn't be sure it wasn't a button buck. Didn't want to insult my host, since this was a free hunt. Hope to get invited again.