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  1. compucaller III

    i have had some luck with that same call in s tx
  2. compucaller III

    Just bought one of these from a buddy. Havent had much time to use it yet been pretty busy. Been thinking about entering the west texas bib bobcat calling contest on march 1. Just havent decided if i want to enter or not yet.
  3. Shot 2 nice Axis bucks

    nice animals. I like the way the one looks on the left.
  4. surprise axis!

    nice job
  5. Last Minute Red Stag hunt!!

    nice job. sweet deal
  6. Cat Pack?

    get after them and let us know
  7. Called in a young one!

    nice job. keep hammering them.
  8. Hope the gov't trapper will help you out. I am one also. But I trap the rocksprings area. What he will come in and do is run the fence line set out snares. Look for sign in the pasture. If was me I would like to see a kill, you can determine a lot by looking at the animal that was killed. Ie. teeth marks, what was ate on the animal, and things of that matter. Then set out equip in the pasture from what he determined was killing. M-44's are real good during the colder periods of the yr, during the warmer months they don't seem to work as good for me. I have also be told a bobcat can kill something that is around 5 times it weight. I don't know if that is true or not. Hope this kind of helps out.
  9. need opinions on 2 predator rifles

    I would have to agree with everyone else. I have a cz 223 and like it but cant beat a savage.
  10. 10/22 build

    Nice i like that one too. I am hoping Sneed can found me a 22 mag. I would rather have one of them but if not i will build it as is.
  11. 10/22 build

    Does volq make an after market 22 mag reciever?
  12. 10/22 build

    Anyone know if I can take a factory 10/22 lr barrel and stock and turn it into a 22 mag. Would rather have a mag.
  13. 10/22 build

    very nice builds. Keep all the good info coming. I am undecided on what I want to do with it yet. Heck havent even got it in the mail yet. Again thanks guess.