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    My newest passion is learning to bow hunt. I also enjoy 4 wheelers and riding my motorcycles.

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  1. New TPP LEO

    Thanks everybody !! The academy finished up, and they tossed me right into Field Training. Busy here, but very happy.
  2. Sorry I missed it this year. Something came up at work at the last minute that demanded my attention. I hope to see you all soon.
  3. Helicopter hog hunting

    I did a hog hunt by helicopter today. Outstanding fun !! To clarify an above comment, it is illegal to hunt ANY animal by helicopter in the state of Texas. It is however legal to use a helicopter for depredating of feral hogs. Hence you cannot collect or retain any of its parts since the lawful purpose is for eradication purposes only. Besides, for my hunt I was using my M16.... Not much left for consumption.
  4. Who makes the best?

    I would have to say that the Gemtech can is one of the best on my 300 Blackout. I have both the Gemtech HVT QD and the Gemtech Quicksand. I prefer the Quicksand. I also have the AAC 762-SDN-6. A great can, just not my favorite. Your mileage my vary......
  5. Sign me up. Both nights........cabin #1.... Of course.
  6. Finally

    That is actually ahead of the average time right now. Enjoy your new suppressor !!!
  7. Welcome!

    I have multiple companies. I used one of my LLC's. PM if you need more help.
  8. rattler mount all finished

    If it starts to bother you, I would gladly take him off your hands.....
  9. First Robin Hood

    Great shot !!