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  1. New Mexico Elk Hunt pics

    I'm getting caught up enough to share some pics from this fall. We killed these two bulls back in September on our ranch in New Mexico. This very cool bull scored 368 with about 6 inches broke off. This awesome bull scored 378 1/8. His mass is very impressive. www.sagebrushhunts.com
  2. NM and CO mule deer pics

    Finally slowed down enough to post some pics of the bucks we killed in New Mexico and Colorado this year. These first two pics are the New Mexico bucks. Both of these bucks broke 180! This buck was shot in Colorado and scored 199 7/8 and was 29 inches wide.
  3. Texas Pronghorn Hunt pics

    We wrapped up our Texas Pronghorn season this past weekend. We had a great season with everybody killing a buck!
  4. New Mexico Bear

    We estimated this bear to be around 350lbs. This ranch has produced some giant bears in the past in fact they killed a bear that made it in the Boone and Crocket record book. We called another bear in that looked bigger but didn't get a shot off.
  5. New Mexico Pronghorn Hunts

    Here are some pics of the bucks we killed in New Mexico this year. This was the first year to hunt this 57000 acre ranch and we had a great hunt.
  6. New Mexico Bear

    I've been extremely busy this fall hunting and haven't had a chance to get on the computer much. I wanted to share a pic of a bear my client killed with me on our ranch in New Mexico. We killed this bear in the middle of August. We called this bear in using distress sounds. Very exciting and intense hunt!
  7. Thought I would share some pics of our successful Texas antelope season. We had a great season with all 12 hunters shooting a buck.
  8. Kansas Mule Deer Pics

    212 3/8 46 5/8 mass 32 5/8 outside
  9. Kansas Mule Deer Pics

    Just wanted to share a few pics of the buck we killed in Kansas a few days ago.
  10. West Tx Elk

    Very nice elk! My dream hunt right there!
  11. Giant Kansas Whitetail Pic

  12. Giant Kansas Whitetail Pic

    I normally don't share trail cam pics but this deer was killed a couple days before Thanksgiving by a very lucky local bow hunter. We watched this deer last year and he showed up again up this year with some tremendous growth in one year. We were hoping we could kill him in the rifle season but the good ole rut had him covering lots of country. This deer was killed 12-14 miles away from these pics. The pic on the left is of him in 2012 and the one on the right is from just a few days ago. The hunter had never seen him before. Makes me sad we didn't get a chance at him rifle season but congrats to the hunter, better him than a car. He is rumored to score 240.