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  1. Looking for the best way to make coffee while primitive camping. No electricity but I will have my truck if that helps. Thanks for the help.
  2. Looking for bore guide for Tikka T3 270.

    Thanks guys. About how much does a custom bore guide run?
  3. Last I remember Sinclair made one but I just checked their site and I dont see it listed anymore. Anybody have a suggestion? Thanks
  4. Scope Question

    I decided I wanted to slide the scope ring forward on the rail for my Vari X2 on my Tikka T3. I figured it would be more stable if they were spaced part more. I left the rear ring fixed in place. I then realized the reason I didn't move it to the very front of the rail in the first place is because it wont let you slide it all the way up. So, I just put it back where it was and tightened it down. Do I need to re sight the rifle now? All I did was loosen the front ring then retighten in.
  5. Need help with wich auto shotgun to go with

    No wasn't a guy named Russell
  6. First, out of curiosity, will you guys with lots more experience than me rank these autos: Beretta A300 Outlander, Weatherby SA-08, Baikal MP153, Yildiz A71. What I'm looking for is a soft shooting 12 mostly for dove with a little duck hunting mixed in. I have a tight budget so the less I can spend the better. Also, I have a friend who told me I should think about an old Remington 1100 because I can probably find one for $300-400 here in SA at one of the gun shows. Is that very likely? I'm open to other suggestions. These are just the guns I have considered so far. Thanks guys
  7. bore cleaning

    I have heard a lot of guys talk about letting their rifle tell them when it needs to be cleaned. I am assuming these are guys who shoot a whole lot. For people like me that shoot their deer rifle only to sight in plus a couple during the season it may be a long time before enough fouling builds to affect accuracy. During that time is it possible that the powder residue could corrode the bore? I know powders today are not as corrosive s they used to be but is it still harmful to leave it in the barrel for a long period? Thanks
  8. exended scope rings for Savage Axis

    Just the factory bases. They came installed on the rifle when I bought it. 2 Mag Sneed, I appreciate the offer, however the DNZ is about twice what Im hoping to spend. I'm on a tight budget right now with a new 5 month old in the house. This actually wont even get done right now unless I can find an economical way to do it. Thank you though Sir.
  9. Which cleaning rod?

    I have another question. I'm trying to decide between a Tipton or a Dewey cleaning rod. I could use some suggestions there too. Thanks
  10. The factory rings that came with my Axis are too narrow for my Nikon ProStaff 3x9. I'm hoping for suggestions on extended rings that will fix the problem. Thanks in advance.
  11. Need suggestion on beginner stone

    I would like to go old school and get my first sharpening stone. I need some suggestions from guys with some experience on what to get for my first stone? Thanks
  12. Gun Cleaning

    That's my point. I don't really see the need for a bore guide when youre using a rod made from a soft material to clean something made of a very hard one. But I have heard a lot of guys say you MUST use a bore guide.
  13. Gun Cleaning

    Question about cleaning a bore without a bore guide. How hard do you have to bang away with an aluminum or carbon fiber cleaning rod to damage the steal of a rifle chamber or barrel?
  14. Gun Cleaning

    After the foaming bore cleaner sits do you use any brush or only the patches to clean out the dissolved junk.
  15. Gun Cleaning

    Thanks Mikel. Also, can someone recommend a bore guide for a Tikka T3? I dad gave me one chambered in 270 for Christmas. Some of the bore guides I've looked at online say they don't fit the Tikka. Mikel, are the tipton rods caliber specific or can I use it on my 243 and 223 also? What about my 22 mag?