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  1. Moving - Selling out

    Bob don't kill me.....just short on time Having a barn sale this weekend but wanted to let the posse members have first crack Lots reloading stuff, brass primers, reloading tools, ammo, blind, feeders, Bows, fishing equipment and tools Wish I had time to list it all but just can't do it, got get stuff packed up before I head back to S. Korea Any Posse members want to come by this week before the sale is welcome Just send me an email and let me know...I'll be around all week Lake Brownwood billydd11@yahoo.com
  2. Posse "Shark Hunt"

    If you guys have never fished with Ryan need to really consider this....I have never been with a guide that worked so hard to make an enjoyable sucsefull trip. He fishes for you like he's fishing for himself.....I don't know how you can get better than that. I wish I could catch this one but I'll be back in Korea at that time - I know you guys are going to have a blast - I'm Jealous. Ryan - I'm sorry I missed the Hog Hunt - sure wished I could have been there - looks like you guys had a blast, Maybe next time. Billy D
  3. Wish I could be there, stars just never seem to align. Managed to get home for a few days but got to head back to Korea March 4th. Hope yaw post lots of picts.
  4. Shilen 2015 Swap Meet

    Feb 28th Don't see any posts, but I have been out of commission for a couple of months. Anyone going?????
  5. What do Rednecks do in Korea

    Na....they have their own "Korean BBQ" When you drink Soju, (stuff in the green bottles) need to be sitting down - can't be standing around playing with fire.
  6. What do Rednecks do in Korea

    A BBQ under the parking garage......no one called the Cops or Fire dept. but we go a lot of strange looks.
  7. Live EEL Anyone

    Ya Capt, be here on and off (mostly here) for the next 1+ yrs. Haven't had the nerve to try the Eel yet but might have too....american food is somewhat rare here...if you do find it it its really expensive. Bought a Rib Eye (12 oz) at the market the other day for a cook out - $66,000 Won - about $63 american
  8. Live EEL Anyone

    Okpo South Korea - open market
  9. Air Guns for backyard critters

    I have been shooting air guns for years now....its another bad habit you can get hooked on so be careful. I have a Benjamin Marauder pre-charge (PCP) 25 cal ​Now working on obtaining a PCP 45 cal for Hog hunting
  10. Long time

    Well haven't been able spend much time on here lately....so really missing not making the Rondy. Guess its going to be even longer now....so going to troll around on here tonight try and catch up. We are mobilizing the rig from Gulf of Mexico to Romania to do some drilling in the Black Sea. After the rig gets settled in..... I will return and head to my new assignment in Korea for a couple of years. Not looking forward to it but gotta make a living. Yaw keep hunting and fishing.....so I can at least read about it when I can
  11. Man....Really looks like yaw had a good time.......I sure wished I could have made to down. Been a while since I've seen you guys. Shooter....hope you and the Mrs are doing better
  12. 2014 Texas Predator Posse Edition Billet Lowers

    2MS / STA - took possession of my 2014 Lower yesterday - they look astonishing, many thanks for putting this all together .
  13. 2014 10th Annual Texas Predator Posse Rendezvous!

    Well I was really looking forward the Rondy this year.....but as life goes... my chances are not very good of making it. I will give it my best though. Hope ya have as good of time as we did last year...or better.
  14. 2014 Texas Predator Posse Edition Billet Lowers

    Uh Oh .....Tinker building another gun.