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  1. The Outlaw Rifle Sling

    Hey All, Just wanted to pop in and Say "Howdy!" And to let ya'll know that we are still out here building the Outlaw Slings! Come on up and get ya some!! Thanks Gary
  2. The GC300 Outlaw eCaller Sling

    Thank You Bob! I try to keep innovating! Been to busy this season to be inventing anything! But I will keep trying! Gary
  3. The GC300 Outlaw eCaller Sling

    Hello dkhnt, Yes I can help you with that! I make the Outlaw eCaller Sling, it is designed to use on anything that has a handle or a place to attach to! Here is a link to my website page, it shows how it works and looks! http://timberbutteoutdoors.com/outlawecallersling.html Thanks for your interest! Gary Mathews Timber Butte Outdoors
  4. Kryptek Outlaw Slings

    Thank You Bob! Gary
  5. Kryptek Outlaw Slings

    TBO would like to announce the newest addition to our OUTLAW Slings Camo Line! KRYPTEK HIGHLANDER! Go to: http://timberbutteoutdoors.com/productspage1.html We will be adding more colors and patterns as we can!
  6. New Scalpel Knives

    Are you and your skinning shed ready for the skinning season. We are here to show you a couple new scalpels from Wiebe Fur Handling. The Wicked Sharp Folding Scalpel Knife, to carry with you on your trapline or on your calling stand, comes with a belt sheath. But don't forget the Fixed Blade Wicked Sharp Scalpel Knife, perfect for your skinning shed, no sheath! Each knife comes with 12 replacement blades. The Wicked Sharp Folding Scalpel Knife - $ 31.95 The Wicked Sharp Fixed Blade Scalpel - $16.95 Replacement blades available by the Dozen or in a 100 pack. These Scalpels are well constructed, for years of dedicated use. To learn more or to see our whole line of Fur Handling Tools; please go to: timberbutteoutdoors.com/…/HuntingAcce-WiebeFurHandlingTools…
  7. Crow's Nest Calls

    We would like to Proudly Announce that Timber Butte Outdoors is now a New Dealer for Crow's Nest Calls. Crow's Nest Calls is owned and run by Sheri Baity. Sheri builds some good calls. I received them in the mail, and man am I COMPLETELY SOLD on the Double Dawg Dare Ya Coyote Howler. It is the easiest howler I have ever used. It is both an enclosed and an open reed. The enclosed position makes great barks & howls. Remove the barrel, and the open reed will do it all, from whines and ki-yi's, to howls, interrogation, female howls, and pup howls. Visit our Crow's Nest Calls Page here: http://timberbutteoutdoors.com/TBOStore/Predator-CrowsNestCalls.html
  8. IVH December Songdog Challenge. December 21, 2013 One Day Contest $30.00 per Two Person Team 50% Payback & Braggin' Rights Standard IVH Contest Rules Apply! Registration Meeting Location is: Tom's Cabin Cafe - 5001 W. Hwy 52, Emmett, ID. 5 miles West of Emmett. Corner of Hwy 52 & Tom's Cabin Rd. Registration December 20, 2013 - Friday Evening from 6pm to 7pm - Rules and Safety Meeting 7pm to 8pm Come Early Meet and Greet friends and new friends, and enjoy some fine home style cooking at Tom's Cabin with the IVH Crew. Everyone's Welcome! For more info, please contact us at: email- idahovarminthunters@hotmail.com website: idahovarminthunters.com Gary: 208-365-7393 Loren: 208-398-7778
  9. The GC300 Outlaw eCaller Sling

    Team TBO Outlaw Crew ProStaff Bob Roper with the GC300 Outlaw eCaller Sling The GC300 Outlaw eCaller Sling: We are proud to bring to you, our newest product. Designed and built specifically for the ICOtec GC300 eCaller. Currently the only GC300 Carrier on the market. You can be one of the first to own a GC300 Outlaw eCaller Sling! Made with the same standard of quality materials and craftsmanship, that all our other TBO products are made!!!!! The GC300 Outlaw eCaller Sling is adjustable for length, and has a quick release buckle, so you can remove the eCaller quickly. It has a 2 1/4 inch padded (5mm Neoprene Padding) strap for comfort while carrying your caller. The eCaller Harness is made to remove quickly also. The body cinch strap has Velcro to keep the strap in place and tight. Simply slide the handle into the loop, then wrap the cinch strap around the body of the call, in front of the remote, pull tight and stick down with the Velcro. Order #: TBO1003gc TBO Price: $29.99 Available in a variety of standard solid colors! http://timberbutteoutdoors.com/theoutlawecallersling-GC300.html Please let us hear your feedback. Please post your thoughts about the GC300 Outlaw eCaller Sling! Team TBO ProStaff Bob Roper with the GC300 Outlaw eCaller Sling (G-Strap) and the TBO Calling Chair Carrier!!
  10. Elusion Marsh Monster QR Outlaw Sling

    Thanks Bob! Gary
  11. Elusion Marsh Monster QR Outlaw Sling

    It is a double shoulder rifle sling. Works like a pack, put it on like a pack, and the gun sits in the middle of your back! Leaving your carry "Hands Free & Worry Free!" I have witnessed a friend of mine take a face plant 2 times, and the rifle stayed on his back both times, no damage to the rifle. Thanks CitySlickerHunter. I appreciate the good words!!!! Gary
  12. Elusion Marsh Monster QR Outlaw Sling

    Here it is, The "First Ever!" Elusion Camo Marsh Monster QR Outlaw Sling! Men do I like it!!! It is made with coyote tan webbing. The Marsh Monster Elusion Camo QR Outlaw Sling is $49.00 Uncle Mikes QD Sling Swivels are $12.00 Give us some feedback on this new Camo pattern/color.
  13. Shooting Sticks

    Got Sticks? The season is here! Are you ready? Do you have all your hunting gear? The Venum Shooting Sticks are the BEST on the market, and Timber Butte Outdoors has them. To see more about these shooting sticks, go to: http://timberbutteoutdoors.com/TBOStore/FirearmAcceShootingSticks-VenumOutdoors.html We look forward to serving you with all your hunting gear need, soon!! Thank You Gary
  14. "Blast" from the Past - Kick'n it Old School! October 4-5, 2013 Registration & Safety Meeting - October 3, 2013 - 7-8pm at the Great Wall Restaurant on Eagle Rd. Meridian, ID. HAND CALLS & PUBLIC LANDS ONLY! Entry Fee: $60.00 per 2 man team Prizes - Cash and Trophies for 1st to 3rd Places. 50% Pay Back Side Bets for Heaviest and lightest Coyote - $20.00 per category. For more info, please feel free to contact Gary here on the board, or email us at idahovarminthunters@hotmail.com or check us out at http://idahovarmintnhunters.proboards.com. For early registration, send a self addressed stamped envelope to: IVH Blast from the Past P.O. Box 1011 Emmett, Id. 83617 We will send you a registration application. Thank You. Gary
  15. The Outlaw Rifle Sling

    Updated 5-17-2013 - New Pic Added