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  1. Rita Blanca

    I IM'd my buddy in N. Dakota and talked to my friend in Pueblo to see if they could come up with any places to shoot. Hate to go that far but it's lookin' like there is no other choice.
  2. Rita Blanca

    We didn't get that far west. Last time I was in Texline, two years ago the old prairie dog town north of Texline was sand dunes.
  3. Went up to the grasslands in the panhandle to shoot prairie dogs. Spent most of the time hunting, looking at prairie dog ghost towns and very little time shooting as there were few targets. Guess I'm going to have drive further.
  4. I'm in Decatur - perhaps we could get together and some point and discuss. thanks, Randy
  5. I'm up for that or a trip to Wyoming as well. Randy
  6. Trespass Fees for Pdogs

    I'd be up for getting a group of about 3-4 together and heading for Wyoming, Montana or SD where the shooting is a bit better than what I've had in Texas, Kansas, and Colorado the past three summers.
  7. Trespass Fees for Pdogs

    I'm up for it. Could we leave today?
  8. Trespass Fees for Pdogs

    I've paid from $50 to $150 per day. Hard as PD shooting is to find in Texas, it'd be a bargain if the numbers are large.
  9. I'd be interested. Email as I'm not often on the board. randy@martinigallery.com
  10. "Use Enough Gun" Robert Ruark. His stories of hunting quail with his grandfather "The Old Man and the Boy" are about much more than hunting.
  11. How is it going out in the Panhandle? Any PD activity?



  12. 357 Max Martini

    A few years ago I build a lightweight rifle on a Martini cadet action in 357 Maximum. I weighted about 4.5#'s and with pencil barrel, splinter forend, and steel buttplate it kicked so back with 180g bullets that I finally traded it off. Plus I acquired a cadet in 30 Herrett which I like much better and which has killed several deer.
  13. There are no mountain lions in Oklahoma...ooops!

    Ranchers out in western Oklahoma where I grew up see them occasionally. They're protected in Oklahoma.
  14. G'day Martini! My all-time favorite rifles are Martinis! I bought a little beauty a couple of weeks ago... a BSA Cadet with Commonwealth of Australia markings rebarrelled to .22 Hornet. Gorgeous! Shooting around MOA but was using Serbian factory ammo with .223 bullets (all I could get at the time) and my barrel is .224 but my Lee die set arrived today so I'll be relo...