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  1. All of the message boards have slowed to a crawl including, The Texas Predator Posse. I have started a Facebook group for us. Here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/428094617565063/ You may also just go to Facebook and type in: Texas Predator Posse. You may still order Posse Gear here and I will post Rendezvous information here too. I look forward to seeing you all there! Bob "Bobcat" Connell
  2. Updated 2/01/2015 OK Y'all, You can order your Posse T's here......... The Posse T-Shirts are short-sleeve, 100% Cotton Heavyweight Pre-Shrunk with pockets. They are the "Sand"color. They are printed on the left chest with the Texas Predator Posse logo in 3 colors: Black, Golden Yellow, and Blue. They are available in L, XL, XXL, XXXL, & XXXXL. To order your Posse T-Shirts, just mail me a check or money order payable to "Texas Predator Posse" for $19.00 per shirt ($22.00 for XXL-XXXXL) plus $3.00 for shipping per order......1 shirt-total $22, 2-$41, 3-$60, etc. Be sure to include your mailing address where you want the shirt sent. You may also use Paypal: txposse@outlook.com (Please add a note detailing what you are ordering and post in this thread). Also, PLEASE put your board user name on your check so I can track the orders. Please don't use this thread for anything but orders. We can vistit about the gear in the other thread. Thanks, Bob Here is the address: Texas Predator Posse P.O. Box 585 Devine, TX 78016 Here they are:
  3. Order Posse T-Shirts Here!

    Yes-$22 + $3 Shipping=$25

    This Board is now a "read only" board except for the Posse Duds and Gear forum. I have been asked to keep this available so you may still order. The Posse is now located on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/428094617565063/ I look forward to seeing you there. Bob
  5. My New 1911 10mm

    I would say it is a keeper!
  6. New Posse Facebook Group

    We have set up a Texas Predator Posse group on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/428094617565063/ We will be moving over to the FB page. I would like all of you to please join us over there! Bob
  7. New Posse Facebook Group

    I am going to set up the board as "Read Only" starting in June. Everyone will be able to search and read all 14 years of great information we have accumulated. I will be sending out notices on Posse Hunts, which will continue. Bob
  8. For the "car guys" out there

    Looking good! ..............and is should keep you off the streets for a bit! :-)
  9. New Posse Facebook Group

    We didn't have a choice. The board has been dead for some time. When the members don't participate and support it, it is time to do something different. I have put 14 years of my life into the Posse..........
  10. Fear of Hogpocalypse

    Good news.....
  11. New Posse Facebook Group

    It will eventually. I am working on a way to save the data............
  12. 2017 Posse AR-15 Lowers?

    I have had a couple of inquiries about another run of Posse lowers. I will do it if there is enough interest. Please make a post here if you want to get one. Bob
  13. Ever Heard of a Bump Stock?

    Gentlemen, we are venturing into the political arena. Let's get back on topic...........
  14. lightning is not your friend!!

    Wow! Glad y'all were there! I hope it sorts out OK for you!
  15. Done! What a great night! Some good shooting!!
  16. AR 15 new build

    Sweet!! (the rifle that is.......)
  17. 2017 Posse AR-15 Lowers?

    Kerry-As low as I can get them. I honestly know at this point. If there is enough interest, I will start negotiating.............
  18. Welcome aboard!

  19. Ever Heard of a Bump Stock?

    Yep, heard of them, but have never seen or tried one.
  20. Warfarin is Gone for Hog Control in Texas

    I am glad to see this kind of feedback...........
  21. It still sounds like a pretty good weekend!!
  22. AR 15 new build

    I think this is a great thing for a gun shop to be doing! I will look forward to the final weapon!!
  23. Hawg Down

    Nice boar and nice shooting!! Good cutters too!!