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BABs Birthday

The Campfire Today, 08:33 AM
Join me in wishing my wonderful Bride a very Happy Birthday . Every year with her is a blessing .
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Montana Hunting

Big Game Hunting 18 Feb 2017
Thought I would drop by and share some pics of where I hunt at here in Montana. Last year not much time to hunt but looking forward to spring and turkey hunting and bear hunting. Hope you all enjoy the pics.
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this "Revolution" is really a subtle change

The Campfire 17 Feb 2017
Nope. No talk of politics. I decided to get a 2nd Revolution thumbhole buttstock from Marty at Haus of Arms for my 7-30 Waters. I had a Boyd's pepper laminate on it, and while it worked well, it just did not give me the fit/eye alignment I prefer when using scopes with larger objectives. The Revo...
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Johnny Cash....

AR-15/10 16 Feb 2017
Well I've had my AR10 lower for a couple of years and finally found and orders me a 7mm-08 barrel. So with two parts gathered so far I figured Johnny Cash would be a good name for this gun.
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Arizona critters

Coyote, Fox, Bobcat, and Cougar Hunting 15 Feb 2017
Since I had an Arizona license about to expire, I took a week off and got a little more out of it. I had a great time calling various terrain with hunting buddies old and new. Of numerous critters called and shot, these are my favorites.   My first night-time coyote, and first time out with...
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