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      10 Dec

    anybody know the steps for getting ahold of cites tags for bobcats in texas the regs say take it to a game warden and the nearest one is in tyler tx thats about an hour drive from me and my truck quit working on me

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roe buck teasing Joerg...

The Campfire Today, 12:58 AM
Last Monday, I just came back from a two and a half week businesstrip in Denmark - tomorrow, the Lady and me plan to go on vacation to Scotland. It´s buck calling season at the moment, but because of the little time window, I didn´t plan to do any calling this year... But when talking t...
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Wife's first hog

Wild Boar & Javelina Hunting Yesterday, 10:31 PM
We are finally back in Texas for some vacation (hunting) and it's been an exciting couple of days. First two we went bust on the quest for her first Aoudad. Saw plenty but couldn't make it happen. So, we set our sights (literally and figuratively) on hogs. We had all three kids with us and t...
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Happy Birthday Benoh23!!

The Campfire 28 Jul 2014
Happy Birthday Ben!!!!  
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Lubricant test of possible interest

The Campfire 27 Jul 2014
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Hunt Yotes in the burbs !

The Campfire 27 Jul 2014
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